Eating Our Words: Bloggers Share Their "I'll Never" Moments

The other night, as I was making pasta for the third night out of five, I couldn’t help but think about how I swore I’d never be that mom…the one who gives in to her children’s demands for a constant diet of pasta.

And I knew I wasn’t the only mom who had something that she swore she’d never do, only to find herself doing exactly that.

I couldn’t be, right?

So I asked a small handful of my favorite bloggers if they’d share their “I swore I’d never” moments.

And here’s what they had to say…

(I’d love to hear your I’ll nevers in the comments!)

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    Before I had kids I thought I would just treat them like little adults at the table. By exposing them to a variety of foods and proper table manners, we could avoid picky eaters, games all over the table, and chaotic dinners. Well, meet our latest dinner companions-the Cheerio eating dinosaurs. Believe it or not, they weren't invited, and Cheerios weren't on the menu until the next morning..
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    I swore I'd never have another baby. I was so happy as a mother of one that I never thought there would be a place in my life or my heart for another baby. Then my daughter came along and weaseled her way into all of our hearts. I don't know who I'd be without her now, but accepting that I had room to love a second baby as much as the first was one of the hardest things I've ever done.
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    Before I had children of my own, I spent the morning with a friend whose child was deeply absorbed in a Caillou marathon. As I looked on over her head, I knew that this bald-headed creature would become the dark figure of my nightmares and vowed that my own children would never know his shrill voice. Years later, Caillou is their favorite show and I sleep with one eye open.
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    As a parent, I swore I would never let my children play with my beloved iPad. It was to be my toy that they would never get their little hands on. That plan lasted all of about 2 weeks.
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    I married a musician. We have been surrounded by great music for many years. When our daughter arrived, I swore up and down that I would only expose her to really good music, that we would avoid the trap of the kid's music that can be maddening for parents when it's set on repeat. And for a few years, we did just that. But then my son came along. By age two his love of all things cars and trucks was all consuming. And now, three years after he made his arrival, I find myself listening to "Twenty Trucks" on repeat. Every. Single. Day. On the bright side, my knowledge of trucks is unmatched among my circle of friends...
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    I swore I would never allow gun play in my home. Having two boys has changed all that. I'll settle for Nerf gun play over wrestling any day - at least no one gets hurt!.
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    I swore I'd never leave scissors within reach of my children. It took 3 kids and 12 years of motherhood to knock me off my high horse. Never underestimate the resourcefulness of a preschooler.
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    Before I was a parent, I thought my kids would eat nice, fresh colorful organic food at every meal. I swore I would never serve chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, and French fries that would contaminate their bodies. Now that I have kids,I just want them to eat something....anything. Even if it means the beige diet of contamination!
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    I swore I would never let my children children sleep in my bed. That they'd always be in their own rooms so that my husband and I would have our own space every night.
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    I never thought I would pull my child out of school. My son enjoyed preschool and I liked that he was learning to follow directions, pay attention, and get along with others. In the spring of his pre-K year, things started changing and the school wasn't a good fit for him anymore. I made the decision to pull him out, against the advice of the other preschool mothers. I trusted my gut, and I was right...he relaxed, thrived, and entered kindergarten that fall as a confident kid.
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    I never thought that I would let my kids sleep with me in my bed, or that I would actually like it. From the moment Brayden, my first child was born, he was in his crib. I had read and heard all about how you "need to get your kids on a schedule from the start." Then my second child was born and my one goal in life was to get some sleep. I didn't care how I got it. If Barrett had to sleep on my head in my bed, then that's what I was going to do. She isn't as great a sleeper as her brother and I think it's because I didn't push her hard to learn to sleep on her own as hard or as early as I did her brother, but I loved how she would sneak into my bed at night, curl up next to me, without me even knowing it and I would wake up to her angelic sleeping face.
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    I never thought I would bake with my kids and let them make an incredibly huge mess in the kitchen. I also never thought I would let them lick the spoon and then put the spoon back in the bowl and then probably serve the cookies to guests. Want a cookie?
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    I am adamant about limiting sugar in my house, I swore I would never have one of those crazed sugar fiends running around demanding sweets. I present exhibit A, A for Aliza my toddler who has recently learned the word COOKIE enjoying the sweetest part of her day.
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    While pregnant, I would have told you my children would eat nothing but whole, organic foods as long as I could help it. Once I had more children than could fit in a grocery cart life changed significantly. My youngest's first word may have been "goldfish" or "cake."
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I want to thank all of my lovely bloggy friends for sharing their stories!

You can also find Nichole over at in these small moments and on Facebook and Twitter too!

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