Eating Their Words: Readers Share Their "I'll Never" Moments

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Earlier this week, in Eating Our Words: Bloggers Share Their “I’ll Never” Moments, I reached out to a small handful of my favorite bloggers to ask them what they swore they’d never do when they had kids, but find themselves doing after all.

Hearing their “I’ll Nevers” made me feel a whole lot better about things like feeding my kids the beige foods I swore I’d never serve and all-too-often caving to my kids’ puppy dog eyes.

So now, I’ve turned to our wonderful readers for their input.

It seems we’re all a whole lot more alike than we are different.

Here are their I swore I’d nevers…

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    "…pass the buck by saying "go and ask daddy!" @CandyBows via Twitter
    Candy Bows
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    "Let my kids watch TV every day! But wow, those 24 minute of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse helps to save my sanity. :)" @CountingKisses via Twitter
    Counting My Kisses
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    "Use #clothdiapers... And now my passion is trying to help bring modern cloth diapering mainstream #gofigure ;)" @HauteMommyBlog via Twitter
    Haute Mommy
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    "I swore that I would never clean my kids face with my spit but I do it all the time. Gross, I know." @buriedwithkids via Twitter
    Buried With Children
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    "Ha! Just yesterday I said ‘Fine then. Obviously I am a horrible mother who tortures you' when toddler wouldn't wear shoes, which my mother used to say daily and it drove me INSANE." @babybabylemon via Twitter
    Baby Baby Lemon
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    "I didn't think I'd ever pick someone else's nose." @mommakiss via Twitter
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    "…let my baby watch TV so I can get something done around the house." @fauxfoodiegirl via Twitter
    The Faux Foodie Girl Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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    "…swore I would never say "wait until your father gets home," sadly, when desperate I've used it." @AngelaYBlood via Twitter
    Jumping With My Fingers Crossed
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    "…co-sleep with my baby and put a bib on her when not eating to catch drool." @SplatteredApron via Twitter
    The Splattered Apron
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    "I swore I'd never have those kids who play outside barefoot. Gross! Today: shoes are optional because they're so hard to find!" @suitcasetricks via Twitter
    My Suitcase Full of Tricks

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