3 Easy Tips to Make Edible Checkers

I got the idea of edible checkers from Pillsbury Family Connections. I love the results! You’ll never guess who won. . .

Nobody! Trying to teach my kids the rules checkers wasn’t the point. I just let them make their own rules and have fun! Check out our family adventure after the jump.

It was one of those rare mornings that I woke up before my kids and I wanted to surprise them. I quickly baked up some cookies, made them look like checker pieces, and hid them in the freezer. When my kids woke up, I made breakfast and we got dressed for school as usual. While they were getting their backpacks on, I slipped the bag of cookies and the checker board into my giant purse without my kids noticing.  We usually walk by a park on our way to school without paying much attention to it. But today I stopped! I took out the checker board and started setting up it’s edible pieces. The kids were totally confused and thrilled!  We played checkers and watched the sunrise. We had so much fun that we might have been a few minutes late for school. The memories were worth the tardy slips!

It’s so easy for you to recreate this moment. Here’s three simple tips:

1. Go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 4am! Ha ha. I hadn’t plan on crashing so early the night before, but that’s what happened!  I was up so early with nothing to do. This activity filled the gaps and got my Pillsbury post finished a little earlier than expected. 🙂

2. I used Pillsbury’s Sugar Cookie Mix and followed the directions to make the dough. I took an actual checker piece for size reference. I rolled a ball of dough a little smaller than it, because the cookies puffed up when baked.

3. As soon as I took the cookies out of the oven, I quickly pressed a small indent into all the cookies with my thumb. That way, when I iced them, the icing pooled into the indents neatly.

See? So easy. You could totally do this. It would make such a fun activity on Christmas Day! Or even a fun edible gift to your neighbors!

Enjoy the slide show of our family moment. Have you ever tried recreating a classic game? My kids adored this one!

  • The Board Is Set 1 of 7
    The Board Is Set
    Quick! Start playing before I eat all the checker pieces!
  • Let the Games Begin 2 of 7
    Let the Games Begin
    Owen vs. Oscar: Who's going to eat the first piece?
  • Yes, Good Move Owen! 3 of 7
    Yes, Good Move Owen!
    Owen's in the lead.
  • Switch Partners! 4 of 7
    Switch Partners!
    Owen looks a little worried about his new opponent.
  • The Referee 5 of 7
    The Referee
    Oscar makes sure no one is nibbling on the pieces!
  • Owen’s Makes His Move 6 of 7
    Owen's Makes His Move
    Will this be the one that wins the game?
  • Double Jump 7 of 7
    Double Jump
    Yum. Owen gets to eat a black cookie!

Thanks very much to Pillsbury for sponsoring this post and for providing Pillsbury products for me to have some fun with. Check out more posts in this campaign.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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