Emergency Preparedness Week Is Here: Is Your Family 72-Hour Ready?

Welcome to Emergency Preparedness Week, y’all.

It’s a reminder that anything can, and will happen, and we should all be prepared. One just has to look at the lockdown in Boston and Watertown a few weeks ago to understand that you need to have what you need on hand in case circumstances dictate you can’t go out and get it.

We all can’t be so lucky to have the police drop by with milk for our babies.  Back in the late 90s in Montreal, my Grandmother and family were housebound for a week without power because of a vicious ice storm that knocked out power to the city. Earthquakes happen. Fires happen. Bad things happen, and we will never know when until it’s too late.

You see it all the time during hurricane and storm season. The alarm goes out and everyone rushes to the store to get last minute supplies. Wouldn’t it be easier if you just had to grab an already prepared suitcase, and go?

To launch Emergency Preparedness Week, our community has a huge event with firetrucks, police cars, ambulances, search and rescue, and more all gathering in a stadium parking lot called “Disaster Alley.” It’s awesome. While the kids climb into the driver seat and pretend they’re a fire guy, Mom and Dad get reminders from the crews about safety and preparedness at home.

Do you have a kit that could keep your family going for 72 hours without help?  I’m embarrassed to say, we don’t.

  • 72 Hours Until Help 1 of 9
    what you need in your family's 72 hour emergency kit

    You need to be able to look after yourself for 3 days until help arrives, or have 3 days worth of supplies handy in case you need to evacuate. Here are the things you should gather and put in a 72 hour safety kit.

  • What To Use 2 of 9
    emergency preparedness week: 72 hour emergency kit

    A rubbermaid tub, or an old suitcase make great storage for your emergency preparedness kit. They're big enough to hold everything, and chances are they're already being stored in the house, so you won't have to find a new place to keep your kit.

    via Government of Canada

  • Important Documents 3 of 9
    important document bag for 72 hour emergency kit

    In a waterproof bag, keep copies of important documents like passport, birth an marriage certificates, wills, income tax records, immunization records, health care numbers, and insurance.

    via Government of Canada

  • Food and Water 4 of 9
    What's in your Emergency Preparedness Kit

    2 litres of water per person, per day. For a family of four for 72 hours, that's 24 litres (2 or 3 flats of bottled water).
    Food that doesn't require cooking and won't spoil, such as granola and protein bras, trail mix, dried fruit and canned tuna.
    Replace the food and water once a year.

    via Government of Canada
    Image via Lisa Risager


  • Equipment 5 of 9
    What you need in your emergency kit

    Manual can opener, Wind up / battery operated flashlight and radio, Candles, lighter, matches, Pens and paper, Duct tape, Cooking and eating utensils, Warm clothes and sleeping bags, Whistles and flares

    via Government of Canada
    Image via Myself248

  • Toiletries 6 of 9
    emergency preparedness kit

    Cleaning supplies (hand sanitizer, dry shampoo), First Aid kit, Toilet paper, feminine supplies

    via Government of Canada

    Image via Christiana Xu

  • Special Needs Items 7 of 9
    emergency preparedness kit

    Infant needs (diaper, formula etc), Prescription medicine, Extra pair of glasses / contacts, Pet items

    via Government of Canada

    Image via Aaron Fulkerson

  • Personal Items 8 of 9
    72 hour emergency preparedness kit

    List of emergency contacts, Extra set of house keys, car keys, Small stash of cash, Deck of cards

    via Government of Canada

    Image via Todd Klassy

  • Household Emergency Action Plan 9 of 9
    emergency kit.jpg

    List of emergency contacts for friends and family as well as relevant disaster agencies

    via Government of Canada

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