End the Mommy Wars: Love More and Judge Less

If you’re at all familiar with my work at EarlyMama.com, you know how strongly I feel about the power of support and positivity over shame and judgment.

About celebrating our differences and being mindful of our judgmental or defensive tendencies.

I even started a #SpreadLoveNotShame initiative with my readers to spread positive, uplifting messages to women throughout social media.

And so when I was tweeted a link to the “End the Mommy Wars” photo campaign from the Connecticut Working Moms group, I felt like I found my people.

Because these women? Up top, ladies.

The photo campaign — which is now expanded into a larger “Campaign for Judgement-Free Motherhood” — is all about embracing our different parenting choices and embodying the CTWM Core Values of kindness, empathy, connectedness, and sisterhood.

This is how they describe the campaign:

“Since its inception, CTWorkingMoms.com has worked to create an online environment of love, support and compassion for moms that stumble upon our site. On the one-year anniversary of our popular post-baby body photo shoot (June 2013) we decided to make a more formal statement about our desire to end the ridiculous mommy wars by encouraging people to tap into their compassion and let go of their judgments. We’re calling this our Campaign for Judgement-Free Motherhood.”

They go on to say, “We ALL have the power to change the way we think and it begins by simply noticing our judgments as they arise. What you then do with that thought/judgement is up to you hold onto it and feel that negativity or let it go in the spirit of sisterhood.”

YES YES YES YES YES! That’s the key: Being mindful of when the judgments pop up, and mindful of why they pop up — which, typically, has roots in insecurity and guilt. So the more love that spreads — the more we lift one another up — the more confidence we’ll feel, thus causing less snap judgments and mean-spirited comments.

The 25-photo campaign features smiling women holding up signs that show drastically different parenting choices and lifestyles — celebrating their choices, celebrating the opposite choices, and normalizing the differences.

Because beneath the bull and around the divisions, we all know this to be true: We’re making the best choices we can for our families, and just because they’re different doesn’t make them less valid. We all have different priorities, different circumstances, and different personalities. What’s right for you isn’t necessarily right for me, and that’s okay.

It’s okay!

So down with the mommy wars, ladies. It’s all one big giant distraction, pitting us against the very people we should be supporting.

Let’s give a round of applause for these moms who chose to come together, stand together, and uplift one another. We need more women to have the courage and sensibility to do the same.

For more photos and info. about the campaign, check out CTWorkingMoms.com.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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