Ending Co-Sleeping: Putting Bella Back to Bed

Ending Co-Sleeping: Putting Bella Back to BedA few months ago I wrote about our daughter still co-sleeping with us, and how we felt about it.

We were all okay with it until the middle of February. Then my husband and I both realized — we were done. We wanted our bed back, we wanted her to learn how to sleep independently again, and most of all, we wanted her to actually get a good night’s sleep. She was waking up at all hours, and couldn’t get back to sleep when my husband woke up at 4am to go to work. Then she’d sleep in until 9, which made for a hurried and cranky morning.

I wasn’t sure how to broach the topic with her, but like we do with other issues, we were honest. We told her one evening (so she wouldn’t spend the day anticipating about it) that after bath, she’d be in her own bed. For the whole night. I explained she was welcome to come snuggle in the morning, but that everyone needed a good night’s sleep.

It took a bit of reiterating with her as she asked a few times if “tomorrow night I can sleep in your bed?” We stayed firm, even as her eyes filled with tears at bedtime. I read her a book, tucked her in with a billion animals, and left night lights on. We checked on her every so often to reassure her that we weren’t going anywhere (not like we’ve ever just made a mad dash out of the house without her, anyway).

Surprisingly, after the initial bit of a meltdown, she did great. In fact, the nights after were actually a bit harder than the first one.

Once she saw how much better she felt in the morning, how much more time we had to get ready for things or just to play — she accepted it quicker. She still asks every night, and once in a while we wake up with her in between us and animals heaped over the covers. Like last night in the picture above.

And who wouldn’t want to wake up to her darling little face?


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