Enormous Kid Feet

Addie is seven years old and wears almost the same shoe size as my 60 year old mom. Given my mom has these little itty bitty feet that I sometimes wonder how they keep her upright, but still. She’s a grownup, my kid is a kid. Her feet are shockingly large compared to my very average adult feet (7.5) but what is even more surprising is how big her big toe is. Her hands are nearly the size of mine as well, I certainly don’t have huge hands, but again, I’m grown, she’s 7. She comes up just shy of my shoulder and when she’s standing next to me she seems pretty normal and short, but she wasn’t with me last night when I showed my friends just how tall she was compared to my shoulder, it didn’t seem possible so I double checked again this morning.

SHE’S SO TALL. Long legs, long arms…she’s like a Great Dane puppy, all long and gangly. And oh my how she’s coordinated. I can’t quite bring myself to do a timeline of photos to figure out exactly when she began looking so big. I see friends’ kids who are the same age as Addie and think SURELY MY KID IS NOT THAT BIG. But she is. Losing six teeth didn’t do much for making her look little as well.

According to her doctor girls experience their major pre-puberty growth spurts between 7-13 and 10-15 for boys (poor boys.) Puberty. Oh hell. That’s basically a swear word in my mind right now.

Thankfully she still loves playing pretend and dress up, she just has to put her giant feet in my shoes instead of her tiny little dress up shoes.

Do you know when your kids started looking so huge?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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