Even More Mothers Respond: What We are Teaching Our Sons

After publishing my first post about what mothers should teach their sons, I immediately got emails offering more suggestions. Check out the first two posts:

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This post talks more about the everyday skills that moms wanted their sons to learn or what they are teaching their boys.

For me, I am teaching my son to cook. Not only can it be the way to a woman’s heart, but the skills learned from cooking can help him for a lifetime. His father and I have both worked in restaurants for years and we both know the importance of having a skill like this. Fortunately, our son loves cooking and truly enjoys being in the kitchen.

I especially loved the input from Sherry of Baby Pop Designs. She shared a sentiment that I wholeheartedly agree with (after all, I forced my husband to take six months of dance lessons before our wedding): “How to dance! All men should know how to dance, it build confidence, grace, and he will do better with the ladies (think of weddings). In Spanish culture it is important and have you ever seen them? Hello Hot!”

Teach them how to do laundry. I tried showing my 12 yr old boy but he said, “that’s why I’ll get a wife.” Um, no, your wife will NOT want to wash your stinky socks. Trust me! ~ EmilyJulie Meyers Pron agrees: “To match socks into pairs and roll them”

“Birthdays are important to the women in their lives.” ~ Julie Meyers Pron

“The most important thing you can teach your sons is to always put the toilet seat down. It doesn’t hurt to make sure they know how to clean it either.” ~ Kelly

“How to unplug a stopped-up toilet. How to use the leafblower. How to use the Tivo.” ~ Jen

“Cutting and cleaning your finger nails, brushing your teeth, and bathing daily is not optional.” ~ Kelly

“Even if a girl breaks your heart, you should still treat them with respect.” ~ Desiree

“Telling a woman she needs to on a diet because she’s getting fat is not ever allowed.” ~ Candice

“No one cares to hear your detailed descriptions about video games you just played except for other little boys.” ~ Kelly

And the one that really could change the way many of us parent:

“That much of what you don’t know how to do is likely illustrated nicely in a YouTube video.” ~ Jen

I cannot tell you how many times I have used a YouTube video to show my son how to do something.


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