Everyday Fiesta: 8 Family-Friendly Snacks to Enjoy with Salsa!

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Nothing has the power to bring families together the way delicious snacks can. And when it comes to keeping your family happy, a little spicy ingenuity can go a long way.

What better way to add spice to your everyday than with salsa? Salsa’s zesty blend of tomatoes, onions, and hot peppers in fiery, smoky, or mild flavors provide the perfect dipping sauce for a variety of your family’s favorite snacks.


  • Make it an everyday fiesta! 1 of 10

    It's easy to make every day a family fiesta when you pair your favorite snacks with salsa! Let's a take look at 8 new spicy favorites to enjoy with your family.


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  • Pretzels 2 of 10

    You may have tried pretzels with peanut butter or coated in chocolate, but have you ever paired them with salsa? Not unlike tortilla chips, pretzels' salty crunch pairs nicely with your family's favorite crispy knot pretzels. Give them a try and you'll see!


  • Celery 3 of 10

    Celery might not be at the top of your family's list when it comes to serious snacking, but when paired with salsa, y'all might just reconsider. By virtue of celery's undeniable crunchability and natural dip-loving shape, celery is poised to become a serious snack contender.


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  • Nacho cheese 4 of 10

    Yes, nacho cheese is criminally delicious on its own, but when you stir a jar of salsa into your nacho cheese bowl, all's fair in love and snack war!


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  • Veggie chips 5 of 10

    Let's give veggie chips props for trying to be as delicious as their non-veggie counterparts. However, if we're going to snack on something that looks like a chip and acts like a chip, it really ought to taste as good as a chip, right? Thankfully, with the help of salsa they can! Open a bag of veggie chips alongside a heaping bowl of incredible salsa, and you'll love veggie-chips like never before.


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  • Pita bread 6 of 10

    Pita, a slightly leavened bread, provides the perfect non-competing flavor to showcase delicious, fresh salsa. As an added bonus, pita bread allows for generous scooping. Yum!


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  • Carrots 7 of 10

    Carrots? Yes, carrots! Ditch the salad dressing you traditionally serve with carrots in favor of a dip with more oomph! Salsa's spicy blend of fresh flavors complement carrots deliciously.


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  • Rice cakes 8 of 10

    Healthy snacking doesn't have to mean boring snacking. Salsa has the power to transform even rice cakes into a surprisingly delicious treat!


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  • Crackers 9 of 10

    Crackers are convenient flat crisp wafers just looking for a little action. I suggest keeping your cracker flavor simple when pairing with salsa as not to interfere with this deliciously perfect vehicle of salsa delivery into your mouth.


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  • Snack choices! 10 of 10

    Let's get this delicious fiesta started!


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