Evil Birthday Clown Now Available for Your Party

Well, just when I thought only potty parties and Marie Antoinette-themed first birthday parties were some of the worst party ideas I’d ever heard of, I read about Dominic Deville, The Evil Birthday Clown.

Holy crap!  This is a clown that you pay to stalk and terrify your child.  As if clowns weren’t scary enough for most people!

This guy will send threatening letters and text messages to your kid warning him that he’s being watched and the scary clown is coming for him!  When your child least expects it, the scary looking clown will jump out of some dark alley and pie your kid in the face.

Happy Birthday, Champ!

Can you imagine the therapy bills for this kid?  My kid can’t go see the circus without having nightmares of getting seltzer water in the face by a friendly, happy clown.  How about being systematically stalked and tormented by a creepy clown?!

What kind of parent pays this guy and thinks it’s a good idea?  I guess, maybe for a teenager or a grown adult child, but definitely not for a kid.

Can you imagine the conversation when you’re picking this guy for your birthday party theme?  I did.  Read about it here.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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