FAIL: What We Did Wrong On Our Road Trip With Kids

We decided to go visit my family for Memorial Day weekend. They live several states away and we usually fly on up for a quick weekend. This time, though, we made a last minute decision and decided that short notice holiday air travel sounded too expensive so we would just drive up. How hard could it be, right? Kids sleep on road trips, right? It might be fun, driving up after dark, me and my husband sharing some adult conversation while the kids snoozed happily in the back seat. It would be like our road tripping days back when we were first dating, only in a minivan.

How wrong we were. Pretty much nothing went according to plan, starting with my gross under-estimation of how long the trip would take and ending with thinking the baby would stay asleep when we brought her from the car into my mom’s house.

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  • Underestimated the Time 2 of 7
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    I thought this was a 6 hour trip. Really, it was an 8 hour trip. With traffic and various stops, it was a 10 hour trip. 10 very long hours.

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  • Traveled on a Holiday Weekend 3 of 7
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    There is nothing redeeming about driving up the east coast on a holiday. The most direct route is I-95 which becomes a parking lot. The western routes are full of all the semis avoiding 95. You're going to face unpleasant traffic no matter what and kids are not as philosophical about it as adults.

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  • Started Driving At 3pm 4 of 7
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    3 pm is roughly my daughter's nap time so it seemed like a good way of starting off the trip. She'd sleep until we needed to stop for dinner. And she would have had traffic cooperated. Instead, we spent the two hours she napped making our snail-like way from suburban DC to Baltimore - a 40 mile trip. Oops.

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  • Didn’t Find Stops Where Kids Can Play 5 of 7
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    We figured the kids would conk out after dinner and we would maybe need to stop to pee or buy coffee for adults. Nope. My son didn't sleep at all. By hour 5 of the trip he was restless and tired of being strapped into his seat. If we'd been smart, we would have pulled off at a shopping mall and let the kids move around for a while.

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  • Didn’t Buy New DVDs 6 of 7
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    A 10 hour road trip is not the time for the 63rd screening of Wreck It Ralph, no matter how beloved the denizens of the arcade may be. New DVDs are the only way to go for distractions.

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  • Didn’t Break the Trip Up 7 of 7
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    10 hours is too long for little kids to be in a car, period. We should have driven halfway there on Friday, grabbed a motel for the night and drove the rest at the crack of dawn on Saturday.

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