Fart or Poop? And Other Games We Play on Road Trips

Today my family and I are making the ten hour drive from our home down to Florida for a week long vacation. As I write this we are four hours, two and a half movies, a half dozen donuts, four cups of coffee, and one game of “fart or poop?” into our trip. (Fart.)

We waited until Anders and Danica were securely strapped into their carseats to tell them we weren’t headed to pre-school today. However, the fact that we had packed half our home into the back of the car had Anders on my heels all morning demanding to know why I needed so much stuff for a day at work.

“Mom, are you going to sleep at your job tonight?”

It’s a good question and it’s one I’ve wondered myself a little too often lately, hence, the vacation.

My intent was to film the big reveal and share the video with you and I did, but unfortunately it seems the caffeine didn’t have quite enough time to reach my right thumb which, at about 30 seconds in, stopped the recording unbeknownst to me. My dream of becoming a director of a major motion picture is ruined. Naturally, I’m devastated and in the remaining hours of this trip I plan to seek comfort in something truly appalling, like a gas station hot dog or some type of dehydrated meat stick made from the most undesirable parts of a menagerie of animals.

While I play the game of rest stop food poisoning roulette, please enjoy this abbreviated video of Anders learning he’s going to Disney World. At one point I ask him to think of a place he really wants to go and if I had known where that was ahead of time I could’ve saved a bucket of money and a cross country trip. When I asked my 2-year-old what she was most looking forward to at Disney she screamed “YELLOW!”

Way to dream big, kids.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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