Finding Art in Everyday Objects and Drawing with Your Kids

I’ve already confessed I’m not crafty. That said, I’m very happy with how our family’s Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Prints turned out. Perhaps I AM crafty – I just need the muse to hit me in the right spot. There’s a wonderful series of drawings going around from Javier Pérez. In it, he takes everyday objects, adds a few line sketches and creates … art!

They’re magical. And they were an inspiration.

I decided to gather some items from our kitchen junk drawer, a pad of paper, and some crayons along with my boys to see if we could come up with our own variations on the theme. Below is a look at the original series from @cintascotch, the Instagram account of Javier Pérez, followed by our own variations on his themes.

  • Balloon Grapes 1 of 18
    Finding Art In Everyday Objects

    Our afternoon snacks will never be the same again.

    via @cintascotch aka Javier Pérez

  • Swiss Army Paper Clip 2 of 18

    Paper clips truly can do it all.

    via @cintascotch aka Javier Pérez

  • Alien Stapler 3 of 18

    This is what it feels like when you're trying to refill one of these things.

    via @cintascotch aka Javier Pérez

  • Beaver 4 of 18

    This one got the biggest reacion from my boys. "IT'S A BEAVER EATING A PENCIL!" they both screamed.

    via @cintascotch aka Javier Pérez

  • Dorito Bows 5 of 18

    This chip art would later prove an inspiration for my son to do his own.

    via @cintascotch aka Javier Pérez

  • Trumpet 6 of 18

    Now this is an instrument I could play.

    via @cintascotch aka Javier Pérez

  • T Rex 7 of 18

    Sprial notebooks have a way of eating fingers, don't they.

    via @cintascotch aka Javier Pérez

  • Lick The World 8 of 18

    Someone let Oreo know about this one. They do so much with social media, I'm surprised they didn't think of it.

    via @cintascotch aka Javier Pérez

  • Spike 9 of 18

    I guess you could say he nailed this one of a porcupine.

    via @cintascotch aka Javier Pérez

  • Penny Drawing 10 of 18

    If only it were so simple to bring Abe back.

    via @cintascotch aka Javier Pérez

  • Father and Son 11 of 18

    As much a commentary on technology as anything. Look how far we've shrunk.

    via @cintascotch aka Javier Pérez

  • Movember 12 of 18

    Funny, I had thought of doing one of these ourselves ... then I saw Javier's, and it was better.

    via @cintascotch aka Javier Pérez

  • Idea! 13 of 18

    So after flipping through all these great images from Javier, I had an idea!!

    Use these images as inspiration for our own afternoon art project!

  • Scavenge for objects 14 of 18

    First we scoured the junk drawer in the kitchen, the cupboards, and art drawer for things we could turn into our own simple art ideas.

    Zacharie loved the Dorito Bows on the girl from Javier, so started on his own version right away... 

  • Juggling Clown 15 of 18

    At first it was going to be a man with a big bow tie.

    Then he had to have big clown hair to match his big bow tie. And then clown feet.

    And then he was juggling.  

    So many layers of awesome.

  • Bananaphone 16 of 18

    My turn, and I chose a bananaphone. Because of course, right?!

  • Poodle 17 of 18

    It's a noodle poodle!  The pictures can be just as fun to say as they are to draw.

  • Big Mouth 18 of 18

    I took inspiration from frown fish in one of my son's Octonauts books. Honestly, my pictures are not much better (if at all) than my son's, but that wasn't the point.

    We had an afternoon where we looked at one object, and tried to see it as part of another. We were exercising our creative brains, laughing at our silly creations the entire time.

Need a project for a rainy day? There’s something to be said about spending an afternoon just drawing with your kids.

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