Finding the Very Best Eats for Your Family at Disneyland

We take our food seriously, yo.

If you’re the kind of family who really does Disneyland, as in nonstop fun and adventure from park open to park close, you’re bound to work up an appetite. With all the dining choices available, it can be hard to know which restaurant or grub stop is the best fit for your family and your budget.

That’s where Verizon’s free Disney Mobile Magic app comes in! No, really. If you know me at all you know I don’t joke about food. Eating is serious business.

Let me show you how Verizon’s Disney Mobile Magic app can help get just the right delicious food in your family’s hungry bellies fast – after the jump!

  • Dining guide map 1 of 7
    Dining guide map
    No matter where you are within the park, you can locate your nearest dining options instantly on this handy dining map.
  • Browse dining choices 2 of 7
    Browse dining choices
    With the touch of your finger, Verizon's Disney Mobile Magic app gives you instant access to all your dining choices within the park.
  • Dining search 3 of 7
    Dining search
    Not exactly sure what you're looking for? Select your meal time, location, cuisine, dining experience, and price range. Just like magic, Verizon's Mobile Magic app narrows down your choices!
  • We’re in the mood for… 4 of 7
    We're in the mood for...
    ...lunch at Disneyland, American cuisine, casual, and $14.99 and under. Tell us Disney Mobile Magic, what are our choices?
  • Dining recommendations 5 of 7
    Dining recommendations
    Now that's what I'm talking about! My choices are all listed for me.
  • Pizza sounds good 6 of 7
    Pizza sounds good
    Let's see, Redd Rockett's Pizza Port sounds good. What does their menu look like?
  • Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port menu 7 of 7
    Redd Rockett's Pizza Port menu
    It's all right here - on my app! Next stop, Tomorrowland for some out-of-this-world pepperoni pizza!

Do you have a favorite restaurant at Disneyland?

A big thanks to Verizon for sponsoring this campaign. Data rates may apply for app download/use. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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