First Trip to the Dentist

Dental examinationToday we hit a pretty big milestone in our four-year-old’s life – he had his first trip to the dentist! It was pretty cool because I took him to the pediatric dentist practice that I went to from the age of 5 days old (yep, I was born with a tooth) until I was about 16 years old. The only difference was the dentist was a boy I grew up with.

Pretty weird, I have to admit. It’s one of those weird things about still living in the city I grew up in.

Harry and I walked into the office early this morning and he played with the small office toys while I filled out paperwork. The assistant came back to get him and I stood up, purse on my shoulder and ready to go back. “Sorry, Mom!” she said. “He’s over three years old, so he goes back alone. We’ll come get you at the end so you can talk to the dentist!” I sort of stood there like….huh? what? I don’t go back with him? I just keep seeing my little guy as a baby but really, he’s growing up so fast. I was afraid he would start crying, but he straightened his spine and walked back, giraffe lovey in hand.

I sat and waited, checking email and feeling like a real adult. You know, except for the fact that I was craving pink sprinkled donuts.  All those times my own mother sat in those waiting room chairs and there I was, waiting for my own child.

In great news, Harry’s teeth are perfect and he’s suffering no ill effects of chocolate milk and a green bean addiction. We’ll be back in six months for another check and I doubt I’ll be over the weirdness by then.

Have you taken your preschooler to the dentist yet? Did it make you feel like an adult?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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