First World Kid Problems

first world kid problemsStop and think about the things you complain about. The line too long at the Starbucks Drive Thru. Your iPhone 5 isn’t in stock. Some dad has a favorite kid.

In the grand scheme of life, these are things that don’t matter and have been popularized on twitter by the #firstworldproblem hashtag.

And there’s one for kids too. Our kids really do have it all, and the things they will whine about rarely ever matter.

#firstworldkidproblems is a laugh-out-loud list of things kids complain about. Check it out after the jump, and find out how to make your own meme-worthy captions too.

  • Field Trips 1 of 20
    Field Trips
    Mom: "Yeah, I know it's embarrassing but if you're not quiet I'll kiss you when I drop you back at the school."
  • Divorce 2 of 20
    Mom: "Keep being a brat and you just might drive us there."
  • Safety 3 of 20
    Mom: "And you're going to stay there until you way 100 lbs, sunshine. So eat up your veggies."
  • iPod 4 of 20
    Mom: "You're the one with a poster of Zelda in your room."
  • Science 5 of 20
    Mom: "I think you need to start paying more attention in school."
  • Cereal 6 of 20
    Mom: "When you can pay for your own dental insurance, you can pick the cereal."
  • Happy Meal 7 of 20
    Happy Meal
    Mom: "What was your father doing take you there in the first place?!"
  • Shopping 8 of 20
    Mom: "Juicy Fruit doesn't count as a food group."
  • Baseball 9 of 20
    Mom: "I could have spent that $400 on a tv for Mommy's bedroom yknow."
  • XBox 10 of 20
    Mom: "Yeah, well now you're suspended for 5 games."
  • Facebook 11 of 20
    Mom: "There's nothing wrong with Club Penguin."
  • iPhone 12 of 20
    Mom: "Keep it up, and I'll give you my old BlackBerry."
  • Spelling 13 of 20
    Mom: "Pen. Paper. Book. Learn how to use them."
  • Door 14 of 20
    Mom: "When I was a kid, we had to roll up drawbridges."
  • Coffee 15 of 20
    Mom: "It's not coffee. It's a laataaaay."
  • Teeth 16 of 20
    Mom: "Sorry to tell you, but even if you mixed in a carrot, you'd still have to brush."
  • iPad 17 of 20
    Mom: "Why don't you read a book, bunny."
  • Sushi 18 of 20
    Mom: "Then use your fingers. Just don't wipe the soya sauce on your new sh---- AWWWW!"
  • Hungry 19 of 20
    Mom: "Carrots, apples, bagels, bear paws. I brought them all."
  • Chocolate 20 of 20
    Mom: "If you broke into Mommy's secret Milka stash .."

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