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Sock Hop

by Missy Chase Lapine and Larysa DiDio

January 11, 2010


Did you know socks can deliver a whopping of a hopping? Here’s a fun way to approach exercise and laundry. Your kids may be so anxious to get to the fun part of this activity that they may forget to match their socks properly.

kids fitness

  • What you’ll need

  • A clean load of socks.
  • Who’s playing

  • Preschoolers, Grade-Schoolers
  • Prime Time

  • Any Day, Rainy Days
  • Fitness Factor

  • cardio coordination
    Cardio, Coordination
  • Covert Calories

  • Your child will burn more than a calorie per minute.
  • The Activity

  • Challenge your child to match all the clean socks in a load of laundry. Then see if she can toss them into the basket.
  • Sneaky Supercharge

  • easy kids fitness Put the laundry basket farther and farther away after each sock lands. Or, have your child stand across the room and toss the sock to her (“1, 2, 3, hike!”) and have her run to put the socks in the drawer, which will add some strength and even more coordination.
  • Quick Tip!

  • Save time and save energy. Missy waits until she’s got a full load before washing laundry, since it takes just as much energy to do a small load as it does a big one.
  • Fun Fact!

  • According to the California Energy Commission, American families do about 400 loads of laundry a year. That’s 400 chances to sneak some exercise in!

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Excerpted from the book Sneaky Fitness: Fun, Foolproof Ways to Slip Fitness into Your Child’s Everyday Life by Missy Chase Lapine and Larysa DiDio. Excerpted by arrangement with Running Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group. Copyright © 2009.

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