Five Quick Tips to Handle Tooth Fairy Fails

My beautiful daughter

I am so embarrassed to report that this recently happened to us. My six-year-old daughter lost her tooth. This is her third tooth and she was so excited to be able to put it under her pillow knowing that the tooth fairy would be coming (that is her there on the left)

I thought that my husband was taking care of it and he thought that I was handling it. As a result, the next morning, my very excited 6-year-old daughter woke up to discover that the tooth fairy had indeed passed her over.

It was awful.

I really felt like I had failed my child at something pretty simple. I took it harder than she did. Sadly, this has happened to us before but we were able to quickly recover. However, this time we were not. The tooth fairy ended up coming the next night and leaving an extra $5 as sort of a penalty.

I was laughing at this post by Lisa of Crazy Adventures in Parenting called called Worst Tooth Fairy Ever because I truly felt like that at the time. You have to read to see the lengths at which her daughter to make certain that she got her tooth fairy visit.

Here are some things that we and others have done to fix their tooth fairy mistakes:

1. Quietly slip into your child’s room and put the money somewhere in the sheets

2. Rachel Ferrucci says, “I did forget once and had the money rolled up and pretended to look for it and dropped it behind the bed and then had her look again. I said the Tooth Fairy must have forgot the tooth.”

3. Lisa from Crazy Adventures in Parenting (see above story) says that they tell the kids, “that we ‘forgot to call her’ and that we’ll call tonight.”

4. Julie of Just Precious shares, “I think I “cried” with him and told him I was sure the TF had a good reason. The next night she left him a bonus golden dollar with a note of apology. She ran out of money that night because SO many kids lost teeth.”

5. My sister told her child once that they the tooth fairy only visits her house. She is divorced and her husband forgot to leave money. So her kids were always careful in the future to only loose teeth while they were at her house.

Andrea from Great Thoughts shares a great tip to make certain that you remember: “Last night, I had to set an alarm to get back up to go tooth fairy-ing.”

I will probably even take this a step further next time by texting myself AND setting an alarm.

Kelly from Kellyology even goes so far as to prevent kid fails with this sage advice: ” Our tooth fairy creates receipts that deducts for tooth decay, & leaves “you better brush better” warnings. Our tooth fairy only collects the best. 🙂 Our children are amazing brushers.”

What kinds of tooth fairy fails have you had?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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