"Four Kids? Are You Crazy!?" Why People Should Stop Being So Negative

I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but the Husband and I have decided to go for baby #4. More specifically, after a year of myself having baby fever, he is now infected and can not wait to hold a newborn in his arms. I am not shy when it comes to talking about chore sex — so, yeah the husband and I are now on the second month of “Operation Put Baby In My Uterus” and hoping it won’t take too long until we see the two pink lines on a pregnancy test and more importantly, the new member of our family is safely a part of our life.

We have three children already, in a time where the norm seems to be no more than two kids. We are already making some people turn their heads and say some strange things to us about our choice to have what is now considered a “large family.”

I am not sure where the negativity comes from when some people find out that, yes — we want even more kids, by choice just as our other kids have been. I do know that the crazy look people give us is annoying as heck.

I kind of get it — I mean, kids are loud, they are hard work, there is a lot of juggling, lots of sacrifices that have to be made to ‘afford’ them and give them everything they need. Kids are the biggest commitment and managing a ‘large’ family is certainly not easy. But, why all the negativity? Why the “what? you want another one” questions, the “crazy eyes” and the “are you serious” comments? It’s not like I am sharing that I’ve decided to get a third eye or that my husband and I are going to become swingers (neither of which are true, but I think those would warrant those replies).

I am really curious, why do you think this news causes this reaction? Are people really weird-ed out about the idea of a family wanting a large family? I grew up with two brothers and a sister, I’ve always said I wanted five kids. Why all the negativity?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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