From Our Family to Yours: A Decade of Halloween Memories


I have to tell you, I never really cared about Halloween as an adult. Aside from the welcome excuse to eat my weight in candy, I suppose the holiday lost its appeal once I became too old to trick-or-treat. It wasn’t until I became a mom that I really began to appreciate the spirit of the holiday.

Halloween is more than just costumes and candy, it’s an excuse to visit the pumpkin patch, watch spooky movies, and carve jack-o-lanterns as a family. Halloween is surprisingly, a time of tradition.

As I embark on my 10th (yes, 10th!) year celebrating Halloween as a parent, I’ve rounded up 10 years of Halloween memories from our family to yours!

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  • Sad pumpkin 2 of 44
    Sad pumpkin
    Ah, Boy Wonder was only 9 days old here and didn't like being his pumpkin costume, or knowing that he was scheduled for a major surgery the following morning.
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  • Do I amuse you? 4 of 44
    Do I amuse you?
    I spent a small fortune on this court jester costume because I thought it was a hoot. What I didn't know was how much he'd hate it. Rookie mistake.
  • You laughing at me? 5 of 44
    You laughing at me?
    He wore this costume for approximately 7 minutes.
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  • Racecar driver 7 of 44
    Racecar driver
    Here we have a 2-year-old Boy Wonder as a racecar driver, which would have been fine if...
  • Don’t say it, kid 8 of 44
    Don't say it, kid
    ...he liked racecars, but he didn't.
  • Halloween bust 9 of 44
    Halloween bust
    Boy Wonder chose to stay home and chew is blanket rather than trick-or-treat that year.
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  • Tough guys 11 of 44
    Tough guys
    I don't think we visited the pumpkin patch that year, but rather the produce aisle of our local grocery store.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine 12 of 44
    Thomas the Tank Engine
    It only took me three years to realize that my child will only be happy in a costume he picks out.
  • All aboard! 13 of 44
    All aboard!
    Toot, toot! Oh, so cute!
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  • Spiderman 15 of 44
    I don't know what happened this Halloween. I have exactly one picture to commemorate the occasion.
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  • New pumpkin! 17 of 44
    New pumpkin!
    Aww, BooBoo was about one month old in this picture. If I remember correctly, this was the first time we ventured out into the land of the living as a family postpartum.
  • Another sad pumpkin 18 of 44
    Another sad pumpkin
    Yes, BooBoo is wearing Boy Wonder's old pumpkin costume. Yes, he's afraid of Venom.
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  • Patch brothers 20 of 44
    Patch brothers
    There's nothing to say about this picture, it's just cute.
  • Carve time 21 of 44
    Carve time
    BooBoo wasn't sure what was going on!
  • Baby Darth Vader 22 of 44
    Baby Darth Vader
    Because I could.
  • Stormtrooper 23 of 44
    Boy Wonder only cared about the cool gun.
  • Giving out treats! 24 of 44
    Giving out treats!
    Yes, once upon a time I was brunette.
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  • Watchful eye 26 of 44
    Watchful eye
    What's going on, Daddy?
  • Darth Vader 27 of 44
    Darth Vader
    We revisited the Star Wars theme with Boy Wonder as Darth Vader and...
  • Yoda 28 of 44
    BooBoo as Yoda. He hated the costume so much that he...
  • Party pooper 29 of 44
    Party pooper
    ...refused to wear it to his Halloween party at school.
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  • Handsome lad 31 of 44
    Handsome lad
    Boy Wonder growing up.
  • Brotherly love 32 of 44
    Brotherly love
    The brothers who patch together, carve together.
  • Sweet BooBoo 33 of 44
    Sweet BooBoo
    I want to nibble that face!
  • Family picture 34 of 44
    Family picture
    Autumnal love.
  • Ready to carve 35 of 44
    Ready to carve
    "Cheese!" Now let's get busy!
  • Costumed cuties 36 of 44
    Costumed cuties
    Here we have a ninja and a young Spiderman.
  • image-337 37 of 44
  • Heavy! 38 of 44
    Brothers showing off their brute strength.
  • Trick-or-treaters 39 of 44
    Soldier boy and Buddy from Dinosaur Train.
  • Dino-mite! 40 of 44
    BooBoo was the talk of the neighborhood in this costume.
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  • A week ago 42 of 44
    A week ago
    Once again we land at the pumpkin patch, trying to grab a shot of these brothers pretending to like each other.
  • We are family 43 of 44
    We are family
    I have to say, I do love this pic.
  • Carve masters 44 of 44
    Carve masters
    The boys designed two angry jack-o-lanterns.

What do you love most about Halloween as a parent?

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