From Trampolines To Astronauts: 14 Awesome and Imaginative Bedding Sets

best sheets everThe transition from little kid room to big kid room can take on many incarnations. For us, the transition has meant a redecorating our 5 year old’s room with a Star Wars Theme.

While wandering the web to find inspiration for the redecorating of our oldest’s room, I found some rather unique ideas.

I don’t think we’d ever change his bedsheets to resemble sidewalks or cardboard, but a bed that makes you look like an astronaut? That’s all kinds of awesome. And since the kids are always jumping on the bed anyway, why not go full tilt and make their bed look like a real trampoline?

If you’re going through bedroom redecorating, scroll through these 14 creative ideas for bedding that will have you rethinking your theme and perhaps putting the characters off to the side.

  • Princess 1 of 14
    I'm not a fan of the princess thing, but this is just gorgeous.
    Image via Snurk
  • Anatomical Blanket 2 of 14
    Anatomical Blanket
    Grey's Anatomy has nothing on these sheets.
    Image via Helen Jacques
  • Trampoline 3 of 14

    Images via Snurk
  • Astronaut 4 of 14
    Never mind the kids, I want this one.
    Image via Snurk
  • Puppy Love 5 of 14
    Puppy Love
    Allergic to dogs? Don't want to get one? Kids still bugging you? Problem solved.
    Image via Snurk
  • Tattoo 6 of 14
    My son has been asking about my tattoo, saying he wants one. Let's start with the sheets, kid.
    Image via Sueno-S
  • iPod Touch 7 of 14
    iPod Touch
    Like the hardware, if you get these, you'll be tempted to get "the new one" every 18 months.
    Image via Ellos
  • Tauntaun Sleeping Bag 8 of 14
    Tauntaun Sleeping Bag
    Because Tauntaun guts are warm. Just ask Luke Skywalker.
    Image via ThinkGeek
  • Turntable Pillows 9 of 14
    Turntable Pillows
    Turn down the music, turn up the sheets.
    Image via Diesel
  • Sidewalk 10 of 14
    A companion set for the cardboard sheets, this makes your mattress look like a Euro sidewalk.
    Image via Snurk
  • Twister 11 of 14
    Little kids will have fun with this one, stick it on your teens bed and naked Twister just might break out.
    Image via LazyBoneUK
  • Moustache Monsters 12 of 14
    Moustache Monsters
    Never mind the boogeyman, these are the Boogie Men. 😉
    Image via Sueno-S
  • Periodic Table 13 of 14
    Periodic Table
    This homemade gem was given as a birthday present with the lovely nerdy tag "She Swaddled Me In Science."
    Image via Trendhunter
  • Cardboard 14 of 14
    I'm not sure how I feel about this version of "homeless chic."
    Image via Snurk

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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