Funniest Parenting Tweets!

Oh, look, another week is almost over!

How did it go for you? Kids at school? Homework being done? ENOUGH STRESS IN YOUR LIFE?

That’s why I love Twitter.

Because life is stressful and although Twitter most definitely won’t solve all your problems in 140 characters or less, it will make you laugh. If you follow the right people, that is.

That’s where I come in.

Click through for the funniest tweets so far in September!

  • @awrightbrian 1 of 7
    @awrightbrian: My twins are convinced every other kid gets more money from the tooth fairy than they do. Maybe they should run for president, too.
  • @motherbumper 2 of 7
    @motherbumper: Did you know that cinnamon and chili powder look exactly the same in my spice cabinet? I fear for my child. #BreakfastFail
  • @WendiAarons 3 of 7
    @WendiAarons: "Mom! There's an after school class called Magical Manners for Boys and Girls. If you sign me up for it, I promise you I'll PUKE!"
  • @FairlyOddMother 4 of 7
    @FairlyOddMother: @Mom101 If the kids really want an ant farm, I can just put a donut in the backyard! Voila! Ant farm!
  • @bklynstacy 5 of 7
    @bklynstacy: Walking from subway to office my skirt dropped to around my ankles. Now, that is a first, I have to say. Also: OMGWTF?!?!!!
  • @Sundry 6 of 7
    @Sundry: One child coughing, the other droopy and listless with a runny nose. Impressive work, first week of school.
  • @redneckmommy 7 of 7
    @redneckmommy: You know what's fun? Watching my teenaged boy drool over his sister's friends first thing in the morning. AHAHAHAHAAH

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