Funniest Parenting Tweets

It’s that time again.

It’s time for the funniest parenting tweets. Because at 140 characters or less, it’s perfect bite size humor!

So sit back and click through! Because after parenting all day, you deserve a laugh!


  • Renee 1 of 6
    ‏@Nayele18: "The best part of sitting in the front row with four kids at Medieval Times is the possibility of taking a javelin straight to the head."
  • Kerry Ann Morgan 2 of 6
    Kerry Ann Morgan
    ‏‏@Vinobaby1 "What I learned last night: boys and girls slumber parties are like apples and oranges. Though we all turn into sleep-deprived rotten fruit."
  • Jeni M. 3 of 6
    Jeni M.
    ‏@highlyirritable "I don't believe this! HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN?" - My son, after I accidentally pulled the drawstring out of his bathing suit."
  • Lady of the House 4 of 6
    Lady of the House
    ‏@ieatmykidzsnack "My children were playing so nicely together until I thought about how nicely my children were playing together."
  • Jen Mitchell 5 of 6
    Jen Mitchell
    ‏‏@buriedwithkids "It sad that "don't put the cats in the bath tub with you while taking a bath" has to be said but in this house, with my children... It does."
  • Ilana Wiles 6 of 6
    Ilana Wiles
    ‏@mommyshorts "Just tried to end a 2yo's tantrum by explaining the concept of wasted energy. Didn't appreciate the irony until the third attempt."

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