Funniest Parenting Tweets

Laughter has always been important to me, but once I had kids, it became a necessity. A life force. I realized early on in my motherhood career that I don’t ever want a day to get away from me when I don’t laugh. I don’t ever want there to be a day when I don’t  take time out from the we-have-t0-get-more-diapers-what’s-for-dinner-are-the-dishes-done-I’ll-be-right-there routine to laugh.

And humor is everywhere. Certainly there are days when my kids provide comedic gold, but there are also many times when I look for it elsewhere. And I consistently find it on Twitter. Sometimes I think that a tweet is the perfect comedic forum. You get the whole joke, set-up, and punch line in 140 characters or less, so it’s an instant laugh. And for busy parents, it’s important to get that laugh in and quickly, please.

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  • Ruth Buzzi 1 of 8
    Ruth Buzzi
    There are plenty of jokes about mothers-in-law, love how @Ruth_A_Buzzi turns this one around.
  • Betty Herbert 2 of 8
    Betty Herbert
    It's hard to resist @52Betty's pram/wine bottle combination
  • Helen Jane 3 of 8
    Helen Jane
    I love the fact that everyone has been in the situation that @helenjane describes. And felt both amused and terrified.
  • Linda 4 of 8
    Is anyone NOT having the summer that @Sundry described?
  • Kelly Pentland 5 of 8
    Kelly Pentland
    @MmeSurly is one of my tweeting idols. And this tweet is precisely why.
  • Metalia 6 of 8
    If @metalia ever hosts a nature walk, I'll be sure to sign up.
  • The New Girl 7 of 8
    The New Girl
    Tomorrow's inventions today! Thanks, @the_new_girl!
  • Renee 8 of 8
    Is it me or is ranch dressing flavored hand soap the perfect solution for @nayele18?

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