When Being Bad is Funny: 13 Hilarious Detention Slips

My kids are still too young to really get in ‘trouble’ at school. They are just in kindergarten right now, but I know my time will come when I get a phone call or detention slip sent home, even the best behaved kids act out sometimes. I never really got into too much trouble in school though so maybe my kids will be demerit-slip-free throughout their school years.

Some kids (and parents) are not so lucky though. Sometimes, kids will speak up, or speak out or do something totally off the wall that their teachers just don’t have the humor for. They will write up a detention slip, all detailed because that’s what they have to do. Well, we all get to benefit from that because snapshots of those slips become available for us to see and we all get a good laugh out of them… because it wasn’t our class that was being disrupted and it wasn’t our child who was being the pest. Some kids really have a strange sense of humor and some teachers really sound like they don’t put up with anything.

Click through to read 13 real & totally funny reason kids have been given detention:

  • Classic! 1 of 13
    "Another student made the comment, 'you need to push it in further (innocent comment) and Dalton added 'that's what she said'"
    Photo credit: Used with permission from Lay-Luh on Flickr
  • The Smart Rebel 2 of 13
    The Smart Rebel
    "The reason is as follows: Alex consistently defied me. During class he contradicted me numerous times when I insisted that the length of one kilometer was greater than that of one mile."
    Photo credit: Hosted by Imgur
  • Wasn’t Me! 3 of 13
    Wasn't Me!
    Teacher: "Unhealthy smell in test."
    Student response: "It is natural to fart- why should I get 10 demerit points for a natural body function?"
    Photo credit: Hosted by Test Fails
  • Go Back Home 4 of 13
    Go Back Home
    "Told another student to go back to her house on 'whore island'."
    Photo credit: Hosted by Imgur
  • Called Out 5 of 13
    Called Out
    "Called out during 4th period class that he was written up before for saying butt cheeks."
    Photo credit: Used with permission from xtingu on Flickr
  • A Big Announcement 6 of 13
    A Big Announcement
    "Disrupted the class by standing up, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a Superman t-shirt and announcing he was Superman."
    Photo credit: Hosted by Test Fails
  • Hunger Games Lover? 7 of 13
    Hunger Games Lover?
    "For yelling 'That is mahogany' when student dropped book on desk."
    Photo credit: Hosted by Fail Blog
  • Future Artist 8 of 13
    Future Artist
    "Disturbing other classmates with cat pictures during class."
    Photo credit: Hosted by Fail Blog
  • Potter Fan 9 of 13
    Potter Fan
    "Calling a teacher a 'muggle'."
    Photo credit: Hosted by Fail Blog
  • Loves His Memes 10 of 13
    Loves His Memes
    "Disruptive behavior in class. Constantly yelling 'All your base belongs to us.' When asked to stop he ignored my request. He is guilty of insubordination. Recommendation of at least 3 days of out of school suspension.
    Photo credit: Hosted by Test Fails
  • Speech Time 11 of 13
    Speech Time
    "Danny was standing up in class saying 'show me your booty hole'."
    Photo credit: Hosted by Test Fails
  • Oooh… Grumpy! 12 of 13
    Oooh... Grumpy!
    "___ used the 'F' word in the hall multiple times. When I said to him I should not hear that word he told me to plug my ears & walked away."
    Photo credit: Hosted by Test Fails
  • So Easy 13 of 13
    So Easy
    "After a student said 'can it be that big' his comment was 'that's what she said'. These inappropriate comments are made too often."
    Photo credit: Hosted by Test Fails

:: What has been the funniest reason you or your child has been given detention for? ::

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