Funny or Just Bad Parenting? 10 Hilarious Examples of Parenting Fails

I don’t like to take myself too seriously and after the month I have had, I am in need of a real vacation. I have been taking things a lot easier, trying to not let the usual mess of the house, laundry pile up and work deadlines bother me like they normally would and am focusing on getting through it — and laughing.

I was browsing the internet one night when I couldn’t sleep and came across some pretty funny photos of “parent fails”. One to me is not really a parent fail, but seems more like a win & the others well, I would be embarrassed to be the kid and the adult in both situations. You will get a good giggle though — if you don’t take it too seriously.

Click through to see 10 examples of bad, but oh-so-funny parenting fails:

  • Caught Stealing 1 of 10
    Caught Stealing
    It reads: "Although I believe it is all well and good, healthy in fact for you to "bash the bishop", please refrain from doing so with my moisturizer. I purchased some personal lubricant ...."
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  • Rough Day? 2 of 10
    Rough Day?
    It reads: "Charlie if I was smart I would have aborted you! Love Mom"
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  • Thanks Mom… 3 of 10
    Thanks Mom...
    It reads: From Micheal "Theres nothing better then all natural boobs". Comment back from Mom "The last boob u touched was mine when I breast fed u! Lol"
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  • Watch Out! 4 of 10
    Watch Out!
    It reads: "I spent 1.5 hours cleaning the kitchen. If you mess it up... I WILL CUT YOU ♥Mom"
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  • Toddlers & Tiaras 5 of 10
    Toddlers & Tiaras
    It reads: "It makes me happy when mommy cries" I personally think anything to do with this show is a big FAIL.
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  • MOM WIN! 6 of 10
    MOM WIN!
    It reads: "We need to talk - Mom"
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  • Cake Smash 7 of 10
    Cake Smash
    I mean, throwing cake at someone is fun, but this guy takes it seriously. Look at the grip he has on her head.
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  • What’s So Important? 8 of 10
    What's So Important?
    Unless the world was going to crash and fall apart as he needed to feed his baby, this is a multitask fail...
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  • Happy Birthday? 9 of 10
    Happy Birthday?
    It reads: "Happy Birthday B*tch! Love, Dad"
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  • Legally Evicted 10 of 10
    Legally Evicted
    It reads: "Italian parents employ legal team to evict 41-year-old-son"
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:: Do you think you would do anything like these as a parent? Which would you die of embarrassment from? ::

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