Funny Tooth Fairy Letters

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I have written a few articles lately about the tooth fairy, paying for lost teeth and some tooth fairy fails.

Check them out if you haven’t already:



While doing research, I have run across some of the funniest tooth fairy letters ever.

Some kids are just so cute and creative when it comes to writing to the tooth fairy so I thought that I would share some of these letters with you.

Check them out:

  • Scared of the Tooth Fairy 1 of 24
    Scared of the Tooth Fairy
    This child has a sibling who is scared of the tooth fairy and asked the tooth fairy not to come inside.
    Source: Guadalajara Living
  • Tooth Fairy Shakedown 2 of 24
    Tooth Fairy Shakedown
    The kid is hilarious when she doesn't get what she wants the first time.
    Source: Visboo
  • Sick and Tired of it 3 of 24
    Sick and Tired of it
    This kid is sick and tired of waiting for the tooth fairy.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • Guess What? 4 of 24
    Guess What?
    This child is excited that she "did the door slamming trick."
    Source: Simple Kids
  • My Favorite Tooth 5 of 24
    My Favorite Tooth
    This one of a kind tooth should get more money than the rest, right?
    Source: Visboo
  • Negotiating with the Tooth Fairy 6 of 24
    Negotiating with the Tooth Fairy
    Instead of money, this child wants credit at the App store.
    Source: Learn How to Scrapbook
  • Instead of Money… 7 of 24
    Instead of Money...
    Instead of money, this girl wants dangly earrings. Now that's my kind of girl!
    Source: Mother of Fashion
  • Tooth Fairy BFF’s 8 of 24
    Tooth Fairy BFF's
    This child wants to make the tooth fairy her BFF.
    Source: Maddie's Minute
  • Lost My Tooth 9 of 24
    Lost My Tooth
    This child lost her tooth somewhere in her room but still wants the money.
    Source: Huffman Coding
  • Swallowed My Tooth 10 of 24
    Swallowed My Tooth
    This child swallowed the tooth but wants the tooth fairy to come get it anyway.
    Source: Misha Lulu
  • Extra Clean Tooth 11 of 24
    Extra Clean Tooth
    This "extra clean" tooth should get more money!
    Source: Friend Us
  • Leave Me a Treat 12 of 24
    Leave Me a Treat
    This kid lost his tooth but still wants a treat.
    Source: Flickr
  • Tooth Fairy for Halloween 13 of 24
    Tooth Fairy for Halloween
    This child hopes that it is ok that she wants to dress up as the Tooth Fairy for Halloween.
    Source: Flickr
  • Another Lost Tooth 14 of 24
    Another Lost Tooth
    Although her tooth fell in the grass, this kid would still like some money.
    Source: Flickr
  • Magic 15 of 24
    This child is sorry that she doesn't have a tooth this time but promises to have one next time.
    Source: Flickr
  • My Toof 16 of 24
    My Toof
    This kid doesn't know where his "toof" went.
    Source: KMWong
  • Lots of Questions 17 of 24
    Lots of Questions
    This child has lots of questions.
    Source: Shebazzle
  • I Need Money 18 of 24
    I Need Money
    She needs the money and is sick of waiting for it.
  • Been Busy 19 of 24
    Been Busy
    This kid has been much too busy this year to worry about losing teeth.
    Source: Friend Us
  • I Eated My Tooth 20 of 24
    I Eated My Tooth
    This kid ate the tooth and is sorry.
    Source: Flickr
  • Don’t Rip Me Off 21 of 24
    Don't Rip Me Off
    This kid worked hard to pull his tooth out and does not want to be ripped off.
    Source: Author-in-the-trenches
  • Tooth Fairy Take 2 22 of 24
    Tooth Fairy Take 2
    This child found a tooth that the tooth fairy had already taken. Hmmm....
  • Specific Requests 23 of 24
    Specific Requests
    This girl has very specific items that she wants instead of money.
    Source: Autumn Asks Why
  • Why Didn’t You Tell Me? 24 of 24
    Why Didn't You Tell Me?
    This kid is not that happy about finding out the truth.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes


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