Genius Ideas: Minivans and Bunk Beds in Hotel Rooms

This weekend, the family and I took a little road trip and I discovered the two most genius ideas ever: minivans and bunk beds in a hotel room.

I’ll start from the beginning. A few months ago I wrote a post called There’s No Shame in Wanting a Minivan. I revealed to the world (OK, the 50 or so of you who read it) that I want a minivan like crazy. I covet the slidey doors, the spacious interior for all of Adolpha’s bags of crap and the DVD player that makes the hours on the road fly by in uninterrupted quiet.

Honda saw my post and offered a minivan for me to “spend some time” in. I replied, Duh! I mean, yes please. About a week and a half ago I found a 2012 Honda Odyssey Elite in my driveway. Schweeet! I’ve been wheeling around town in style and trying out all the features, but I couldn’t get the full effect without a road trip.

The Hubs heard my lament and booked a road trip. (He’s a problem solver, that one.)

Yesterday we hit the wide open road and headed to Minneapolis. All I can say is: AH-may-ZING. We traveled in bliss and comfort and SILENCE – except for the incessant pleas for food and bathroom breaks. (Note to Honda: new features for the 2013 – minibars in the backseat and a port-a-potty and sound proof glass divider between the front seat and backseats.)

I was pretty satisfied with my road trip when we arrived and I could have easily turned around and driven back without seeing a thing. Until. Until the Hubs opened to the door to our hotel room. Yeah, we’re staying at the Radisson in Bloomington, y’know, the hotel with the world’s largest indoor water park in America (we’re hitting that this afternoon, so I’m sure I’ll have something to say about that in the future), but that all faded in the background when I saw the bunk beds.

Bunk beds in a hotel room! Built into the wall, with a curtain to close them off like a little private fort! Such an easy thing and yet, so brilliant. My kids each had a place to sleep (no one kicking me in the kidneys all night) and because it could be closed off and made cool and fun, they were eager to go to bed! Eager I tell ya!!

Why don’t more hotels do this? Between minivans and hotels with bunk beds, moms across America (well, me at least) would be far more interested in road tripping with the kids.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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