Getting Ready for Snow Days

Just me and my leggings as pants, waiting for snow.
Just me and my leggings as pants, waiting for snow.

Apparently it is going to snow today in North Carolina, or at least that is what the empty aisles of bread and milk at the grocery store tell me. They’ve been forecasting winter precipitation for the past few days, but a true North Carolinian knows that snow is like pregnant women – don’t ask if she’s pregnant until an arm is coming out the birth canal and don’t bank on white stuff until it’s falling from the sky.

Snow tends to cause a bit of panic in me as a mom – decent snow means several days at home as Raleigh might own one snow plow total. Schools will be closed, ice will slick over the roads, and I’ll be burnt-out on Candy Land and Finding Nemo in T-72 hours.

Which is why Harry is in school today despite an abbreviated schedule and I’ve already gone for a run. We’ve got to get our wiggles out in preparation for hunkering down.

Prepping for an actual snow day in the South is making sure that we have enough good food to last a week (because seriously, I want good food if I am trapped at home, not the 3-year-old can of Chef Boyardee shoved in the back of the pantry), plus firewood if the power lines ice. With a kid, I also have to make sure the unused snow pants I bought 2 winters ago will still work and make sure the entire family has gloves.

You laugh but the only gloves I have are pretty little red church gloves with frills.

So between grocery shopping and clothes buying and making sure we have a sled, it can be hard to see the magic of snow. But it’s still there in the hopeful way I look out the window and refresh the forecast. It’s still there in the way my home sparkles clean as a way to welcome the storm and the days at home with my family.

And I can’t wait to play in the snow tomorrow.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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