10 Great Gift Ideas for Your Friend’s Kids

I’ve always felt horribly guilty when people ask me for gift ideas for my children. But on the flip side, when birthdays and holidays and any gift-giving occasions roll around, I always find myself begging for specific, detailed, circle-the-toy-in-the-catalog level direction.

Because really, it is helpful to give people ideas for gift-giving. Especially if, unlike yourself, they happen to not spend their days changing diapers and trying to convince whiny toddlers to eat just one green bean. (Just one! That’s all I ask!)

Image Source: Babble
Image Source: Babble

1. Gender-Neutral Astronaut Dress-Up Set

Right now, my three-year-old son is all about dressing up in our vast collection of princess dresses. I love the idea of dress-up sets with a purpose, like inspiring our kids to reach for the stars. Literally.
Available now for $67.95

2. Color Your Own Playhouse Kit

How much would my kids love this affordable color-your-own-playhouse kit? Let me count the crayon marks.
Available for $23.99

3. Fugifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Camera

Kids these days don’t know the fun of a Polaroid camera. But with the Fugifilm Instax Mini, that can all change. Plus, it’s way nicer than my old Polaroid, let’s be honest.
Available for $79.50

4. My First Sewing Kit

Any idea how hard it is to find a sewing kit that isn’t overtly pink, shiny, and glittery? Well, lucky for you, probably not.
Available for $19

5. Old-Fashioned Popcorn Maker

Make movie night pop with a gift that won’t break the bank. Also, have you checked movie theater ticket prices lately? Yikes.
Available for $45.99

6. Mermaid Tail Blanket

My daughter’s been begging to be transformed into a “real mermaid, Mom!” for months now, and if someone who wasn’t her mother was cool enough to buy this for her, she might just never take it off. Also available in Shark Tails for those who love a little more adventure.
Available for $34.95

7. Microscope Set

Is there any cooler gift than the gift of curiosity and discovery? Nope, didn’t think so.
Available for $42.49

8. Kiwi Crate

A Kiwi Crate gift box really takes the guesswork out of gift-giving, especially because there are options for age categories from 3-4 years old to the teen years. Gift givers can choose a themed box, such as one geared for creativity or a speciality box, like a DIY Lemonade stand option.
Available for $19.95 and up

9. Geocache Gift Set

This book and gift set introduces kids to the adventure of geocaching, which from what I can glean, is basically like real-life treasure hunting.
Available now for $29.99

10. Backyard Camping Set

Would it be much too embarrassing to admit that I’ve been admiring this backyard camping set for months and my kids wouldn’t be the only ones excited to open it? Yeah, I thought so.
Available for $69

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