Gifting Clothes Without Groans

It’s so nice for parents when we can put the Christmas budget towards something our growing kids usually need every winter: Clothes. But kids don’t always ask for them and they sometimes seem a little practical and disappointing.

I’ve found that as my kids get older they actually want and are excited about clothes as presents, even my boys. It just takes a little finagling. I learned a lot of tricks from my mom—the queen of Christmas morning presentation.One year my sister got a new coat and gloves. . . and skis. Sweet.

One or two serviceable articles of clothing seems hum drum, but if you get a whole outfit with accessories and new shoes and socks and underwear, it’s kind of breathtaking. Even if you were hoping for Barbies. My mom would give us a whole outfit. It was fun, because ahem, it was like Santa wanted us to have that outfit. Catch my drift?

Because I’m so cheap and literally never buy anything my kids want to wear unless it is on sale or from a discount store, they can spot a non-last-season-full-price-splurge a mile away. It excites them, even if it’s just a relative splurge. In other words, if you deprive your kids all year, it’s easy to please them on Christmas morning.

And one final trick that my mom learned from her mom—CASH IN POCKETS. That’s all you have to do to elicit shrieks of joy from a kid who just got a new church shirt. My mom was extremely generous with her cash embellishments, which was awesome. To make it even better, she never said, “Look in the pocket!” No. She doesn’t mention it, leaving you to discover a wad of $20s in your pocket days after the thrill of Christmas died down. Truly, cash is the gift that keeps on giving.

My grandma went about it with less flare but just as much impact. We got a 5 dollar bill tucked into a card and a wrapped pair of nude pantyhose or Andes Mints from her almost every year. We looked forward to it. Remember that.

Merry Christmas! I hope you find surprises of cash tucked into all your most boring gifts this year!

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