11 Pairs of Ruby Red Slippers and Sparkly Shoes

Addie has had wide feet from the womb. She has always needed shoes that are a little harder to come by, ones that fit her high arches and wide toes. The wrong pair of shoes will leave her with blisters, sores and the whines. She also happens to be the fanciest little girl I know, meaning regular old shoes are not going to be found on her feet. The shinier and more glittery? The better.

My dad watched ‘The Wizard of Oz’ with her and I she got her first pair of ruby slippers on the morning of her third birthday. She didn’t take them off until her toes were nearly bleeding from being squished into them. Oh, how I looked high and low for a replacement pair. You see, kids, four years ago sparkly shoes weren’t as easy to come by. Once I finally found some I bought them in two sizes — unfortunately, she has outgrown both pairs.

In my search for the next great ruby slipper, here’s some of my finds, some are red, some are striped … and all of them are sparkly.

  • Toms Glitters 1 of 11
    Toms Glitters
    Available in red (pictured), black, gold, pink, silver and blue. $42
    Available for Purchase:
  • Ragg Twinkle Flats 2 of 11
    Ragg Twinkle Flats
    Available in gold (pictured), hot pink, silver, red and black. $33
    Available for Purchase: Zappos
  • Naturino Glitter Mary Janes 3 of 11
    Naturino Glitter Mary Janes
    Available in pink, colbalt, gunmetal, silver and turquoise glitter. $65
    Available for Purchase: Zappos
  • Stride Rite Twinkle Toes 4 of 11
    Stride Rite Twinkle Toes
    Purdy paws $42. Also available in multiple color/pattern combinations.
    Available for Purchase:
  • Wizards of Waverly Place Ballet Flats 5 of 11
    Wizards of Waverly Place Ballet Flats
    Only available in black. $24.99
    Available for Purchase:
  • Dansko Gitte Patent Clog 6 of 11
    Dansko Gitte Patent Clog
    Available in black, bubblegum pink (pictured), red, light pink and purple patent leather. $69.99
    Available for Purchase: Dansko
  • Jessica Simpson Kamella 7 of 11
    Jessica Simpson Kamella
    Available in Zebra, black and charcoal metallic. $32.99
    Available for Purchase: Zappos
  • LelliKelly Beaded Sneakers 8 of 11
    LelliKelly Beaded Sneakers
    Available in every color under the rainbow. $69
    Available for Purchase: Zappos
  • Pediped Jaelyn Mary Janes 9 of 11
    Pediped Jaelyn Mary Janes
    Available in red (pictured), brown pink and silver glitter. $54
    Available for Purchase: Zappos
  • Stride Rite Buffy Ballet Flats 10 of 11
    Stride Rite Buffy Ballet Flats
    Available in Silver, lilac, hot pink (pictured) and flora pink. $36
    Available for Purchase: Stride Rite
  • Volatile Kids Glitter Flat 11 of 11
    Volatile Kids Glitter Flat
    Available in black sequin and yellow multi sequin. $27
    Available for Purchase: Zappos

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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