Governor Chris Christie Postponed Halloween (Well, He Tried)

Governor Chris Christie postponed Halloween in NJ today. I expected this and I am surrounded by so much devastation in the surrounding areas, that I didn’t even care.

I woke up to a newscast about how Hoboken, NJ is completely underwater. I have friends trapped there—Halloween? Who cares. Well, my 5-year-old kiddo, that’s who. He demanded to put his Spiderman costume on at 7 AM. I let him. Then I told him the news. [See photo. Yeah.]

He doesn’t understand Hurricane Sandy. He thinks the trees that fell down are just “spooky” because it’s Halloween. He thought the power outage was cool, because Uncle Bri played laser tag with him, with flashlights. To a kid, this is nothing. To me—I’m really starting to freak. We have power. We are not flooded. But, JD’s school has been closed since Monday. The magazine where I freelance has been closed since Monday. Freelance means, I don’t get paid, unless I show up to work. I am out a week’s paycheck. Not OK, but no one’s fault.

My best friends (Lily’s parents) lost both of their cars when a tree fell on them. My other friends attempted to reboot their home, but their generator blew. I did my best to help them today, bringing food, cleaning and entertaining the kids. I feel helpless and sad for them. There are trees down. Roads closed. Gas stations are closed for business because there is … no gas. Food store shelves are bare. (We have tons of stuff, but still.)

I can’t show my kid my fear. I have to be a mom—the one and only parent. I made the best of today. Here’s what we did, venturing out for the first time since Sandy hit—what a disaster. Read my blog: The Jersey Shore Is Just A Memory Now.  + Adorable pics of JD in his Halloween costumes age 2-months-old to 5!

My sincere prayers to all harmed and changed by the storm. I have many friends in trouble. I ache for them. 

  • Spiderman 1 of 6
    JD woke up excited to celebrate Halloween. He was dressed by 7 AM.
  • Brunch 2 of 6
    We needed to get out of the condo. I invited my dad to a special Halloween brunch. He had a treat for JD. I tried ...
  • Smile 3 of 6
    JD posed near this Halloween banner in the diner. The patrons made a fuss over him. He seemed to cheer up.
  • Movie Marathon 4 of 6
    Movie Marathon
    We stopped by Amy & Ed. Lily and JD settled in for some viewing pleasure while I washed the floor and got dinner.
  • Trunk or Treat 5 of 6
    Trunk or Treat
    Christie canceled Halloween, but the community rebelled. We all loaded our trunks with candy, met in a lot and let the kids trick-trunk or treat. Fun was had—thank goodness
  • Devastation 6 of 6
    My friends lost not 1, but both family cars. These are just things and they are safe, but it's still a shame. This is just a blip of what NJ is feeling right now.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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