Memorable or Miserable? The Importance of Grumpy Kid Photos.

Four generations. One of them is grumpier than the other three.

One of  my biggest complaints about parenting magazines is that they paint motherhood as a well dressed and very well organized journey of perfectly balanced meals and clean, well groomed children. I hate to admit it, but many women are guilty of only showing the pretty and put together side of their lives. Anyone who has ever spent time with children knows that pretty and put together isn’t always a possibility. We fill family albums with smiles and good times when in reality good times aren’t had everyday. Sometimes being able to look back at the bad and giggle over those difficult “stages” is just as important as documenting the shiny happy memories.

Take this one for example. Four generations together in one photo! Only it’s not quite the best memory ever…see the bigger one with her face shoved into my stomach? She wasn’t about to smile at the camera for ANYONE.

I don’t even know what set her off. She’s fine! Fun! Whee! Then the camera came out and GRUMP.

This is also Addie. Who coincidentally is NOT a morning person.

I can tell you’re surprised.

In  twenty years Addie’s husband may see this picture and say “THAT FACE! You make that face every time you have to get up before 10 am!” (My husband is convinced I learned my well refined manipulation skills at the age of four due to a certain incriminating family video.)

They may not make front page of the family album now, but grumpy face pictures are worth keeping around because soon this phase will pass (It will pass, right?) and all that will be left is photos and memories. May as well save the good and the bad.

Do you have a favorite photo that epitomizes a particularly difficult phase? 20 readers submitted photos of their own cranky kids here, scrolling through them you can almost hear the shrieks, wails and snotty noses.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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