GSP Says Put Your Kids In Martial Arts To Give Them Confidence Against Bullies

Georges St Pierre talks being bullied as a youthGeorges St. Pierre is, arguably, the toughest man on the planet. The MMA star has an incredible record in the octagon and is the current Welterweight champ in UFC.

When you see him in the ring it would be hard to imagine this man ever being the victim of a bully, but in a revealing interview with Jian Ghomeshi for CBC‘s Q, St. Pierre admits he was pushed around as a kid.

His new book, The Way Of The Fight, talks about growing up in St-Isodore, Quebec and how martial arts gave him the confidence to stand up to bullies.

“People who get bullied, most of the time, they have a lack of confidence. It happens in the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you carry yourself. People see that, and it makes you an easy target,” GSP told Ghomeshi.

“Finding a way out of bullying is more mental, than physical. That’s what martial arts taught me, it taught me confidence,” he continued. “I learned to defend myself from a psychological point of view. Just the way you talk, you look that person in the eye. When you walk, you’re a firm guy when you shake hands, it gives you the image that you’re not an easy target.”

My oldest son has been asking us to enroll him in martial arts for a while, and this fall he’ll get his chance at “hi-ya class.” I was looking forward to the discipline and respect it would bring him. Now I will be encouraged by the self-confidence he will have to stand up to those who might try to push him around.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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