16 Guinness World Records Kids, Families, Or Schools Can Set

Getting My Guinness World Record Certificate

Guinness World Records have always fascinated me.  Since I was a kid I marveled at the fact this person had just done something nobody in the history of the world had ever done before. Ever.

I always had ‘set a Guinness Record’ in the back of my head as a bucket list item, but never thought it would happen. Until last fall, when I set 2 Guinness World Records in the matter of a week.

I was one of nearly 1000 men to get a baseline PSA test for prostate cancer that set a one day testing record. I passed, if you have a 40something man in your life, get checked – no glove, it’s a blood test. I was also on a team that played netball for 61 straight hours. Netball is like basketball, but without backboards. It’s a popular women’s sport in Commonwealth countries.

I did it. Twice. Last week I got the official certificate from Guinness to make it real.

A childhood dream realized. Why did I wait so long? Check out this list of 16 kid, family, and community friendly Guinness World Records that you could take a shot at:

Guinness World Records are serious business. There is much paperwork and authentication to be done to have your feat of greatness officially recognized, so make sure you visit the site and check out the rules before you go off teaching your 3 year old the drums.

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