Hair feathers? Horsefeathers!

There's a feather in there somewhere.

It was about a year ago that I noticed a very fashionable friend with a tiny little sliver of multicolored hair that looked like a feather, peeking out from the back of her head. I figured it was just a clip until I saw her with it the exact same spot over the next several weeks. I’ve had clips that I’ve liked, but not ones I’ve worn everyday.

Apparently I had been living in a fashion cave because it was a real feather, it was sewn into her hair and apparently all the fashionable ladies were doing it.

Addie first saw a purple one on our hairdresser and became obsessed, I don’t really blame her, they were kind of cool.


As in the trend is over…and here’s why.

Four little girls in Addie’s class have feathers in their hair, including Addie. Hers is pink and purple with black stripes, it blends in perfectly with one of her curls and personality. There was also a woman in her pajamas at Wal-Mart with several fluffy yellow feathers coming from the top of her head.

Once a trend can be found on six year olds and available at a mall kiosk? It’s safe to say we can all stop calling it the “latest” thing.

See also: Crocs, Pillow Pets and Silly Bandz.

When I was younger it was cool to use embroidery floss and cover a section of your hair in multicolored cotton thread, I ended up having to cut a huge chunk of my hair off because I couldn’t get the thread off and the top began to turn into a giant dreadlock.

Other notable trends I followed back in the day…slap bracelets, Keds, the Rachel haircut, bangs, multicolored socks on different feet, multicolored shirts with the sleeves rolled up, scrunchies and Girbaud jeans.

I was always a little late to most trends but I fought my way to get on their trendy bandwagons, most of the time it meant saving up my own money to ride them.

With this whole hair feather thing I’ve realized I have a long road ahead of me full of trend battles and ridiculous things passing through my house.

Time to channel my inner kid who so desperately wanted to fit in so I can navigate these coming years.

What ‘trends’ have made their way through your house?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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