Half Birthdays: Your New Must Have Tradition


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What could possibly be more exciting for a kid than his own birthday? My kids are constantly counting down the months, days and final hours until their birthdays. It’s hard to imagine a day that could top that, right? In one family, half birthdays are close contenders to the real thing. And the good news for mom is they’re half the effort.

Tiffany, a friend of mine and mother of the half-birthday family tradition said, “It is a fun tradition, one that really just happened to start by accident on Friday evening when my husband was working late and I realized my second child was one and a HALF that day! I craved chocolate cake, and voila a tradition was born.”

I love a mom that craves chocolate cake!

Her kids look forward to their half birthdays like it’s the real deal. And why wouldn’t they? Kids love to feel special. They love traditions. They love fun and all reasons to celebrate. So, us moms tend to find ways to make those things happen throughout the year in hopes that when they leave the nest their buckets are full of great memories. And if we aren’t doing those things, well, we’re thinking about how to do those things or we’re wishing we did those things. I’m really great at the wishing part.

So, make room on your calendar for a new must-have tradition! Your kids will love you for it!

Here are the 4 simple, half the effort, steps to throwing a memorable, fun, half birthday party…

1. Bake HALF a birthday cake

2. Light HALF a candle

3. Sing HALF of the “Happy Birthday” song

4. Wrap HALF a Dollar Store present

And that’s it! You could, of course, add your own half spin on the tradition (half a can of their favorite drink, etc..) if you wanted, but the point is to keep it simple, memorable and NOT stressful.

I like the sound of that! Anything to keep my kids smiling and me stress-free.

Does this sound like a tradition you would want to implement in your family? Do you have similar traditions that you’ve started in your family?


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