Halloween Crafts for Kids: Fun projects for children of all ages

It’s that spooky time of year again! Halloween is a fun holiday for the entire family, and children will love it if you get into the spirit of the day with them. Spend time with your children by getting ready for Halloween night with these great ideas that are both easy to make and easy on your wallet!

Joanne Roehm

  • Preschool

    Sticker Pumpkins

    Little ones may be too young to carve pumpkins, but that doesn’t mean they should miss out on the fun! Head to your local craft or hobby store to pick up a variety of Halloween-themed stickers and let your kids decorate their pumpkins in their own spooky ways!


    Halloween-themed stickers, pumpkins

    How to

    Step 1: Make sure pumpkins are clean and dry.

    Step 2: Open packages of stickers and allow child to decorate pumpkin!

  • Kindergarten

    Flower Pot Candy Bowls

    Turn flower pots into candy dishes that can be used as part of your Halloween d’cor every year. These would also make lovely Halloween gifts for teachers!


    Clay flower pots, acrylic paint in Halloween colors, paintbrushes, black permanent marker, pencil, clear enamel finishing spray (from craft store – optional), embellishments (feathers, sequins, etc. – optional)

    How to

    Step 1: Paint flower pots with desired color. Allow to dry. Paint multiple coats if necessary.

    Step 2: Once dry, use a pencil to sketch eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

    Step 3: Use permanent marker to follow sketch lines and trace and color facial features.

    Step 4: Spray with finishing spray, to preserve for multiple years, and allow to dry.

    Step 5: Add embellishments if desired. I used black maribou – available at craft stores – and used a glue gun to adhere it.

    Step 6: Fill with candy!

  • Grade School

    Teeny Tiny Plastic-Bag Ghosts

    Skip the store-bought decorations and recycle plastic shopping bags into ghoulish ghosts to display indoors or out.


    White, plastic grocery-store bags or trash bags, black permanent marker, scissors, white scrap paper, tissue paper or paper towel, white ribbon, yarn or string, bamboo skewers (found in grocery stores – used for kebabs, etc.)

    How to

    Step 1: Cut down sides of plastic bag to open up

    Step 2: Cut out a large round circle (use a dinner-sized plate to trace around)

    Step 3: Roll a ball of tissue paper/white paper/paper towel about the size of a golf ball and place in middle of circle.

    Step 4: Pinch plastic together and tie with ribbon to form head.

    Step 5: Draw facial features with permanent marker.

    Step 6: Insert pointed end of skewer into bottom of ghost to finish.

Enjoy these and more great crafts for kids by Joanne Roehm.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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