Happiness is a Swimming Pool

I can remember being a kid and thinking that everything revolved around the next time I would get to swim. Every October we had a timeshare with an outdoor pool and I can remember spending what felt like all day jumping off the side, doing underwater somersaults and all sorts of other feats I believed to be superhuman and only a few skills shy of Olympic glory. If we were going on vacation the first question was “DO THEY HAVE A POOL?” and in elementary school one of my very best friends had a pool of her very own. I remember being jealous of her green hair because that meant she got to swim all the time. When I got to come over to play in the summer we would spend hours in her pool, wrinkled and chlorine scented for the rest of the day and night.

At some point pools stopped being as fun for me. I take most of the blame because chances are they stopped being fun because I started to care what my hair looked like, what I looked like in a swimsuit or how hairy my legs were. Getting old is a bore. Addie however has the light and fire alive in her…the “I LOVE SWIMMING SO MUCH I COULD EXPLODE” energy hangs about her thick and heavy and it makes me so happy.

Tonight I exercised my right to be old and un-fun as I sat at the side of the pool watching her swim for the second time today (I got in the first time lest you believe me to be a total fuddy duddy.) She’d make up new games, race herself and even made friends with another family who was heavily engaged in a game of keep away with a beach ball. I fed her dinner before we went down and when we came back she ate another entire plate of food, curled up in my lap and fell asleep so hard moving her was like moving a 50 pound wet noodle.

When she woke up this morning I’m not sure she grasped the concept that “This is what we’re here to do.” and that “We have nowhere to be.” By the end of the day I could see it register that we have five more full days of this, five more days of nothing to do and nowhere to be except at the swimming pool before it closes.

48 hours in and this is a marvelous vacation.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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