Happy 70th Birthday to Han Solo

In this house, Star Wars is highbrow cinema.

The Hubs and I were fans before we had kids and the first non-Disney movie Gomer ever saw was Star Wars. He’s been quoting “Luke … I am your fodder” since he was 4. Lightsaber battles introduced Gomer to a new sport to try: fencing. Let’s just say, we watch Star Wars a lot.

When we watch our DVD endlessly, I see Han Solo on the screen looking eternally young and fit and I forget how old Harrison Ford really is these days. To me, he will always be that hunky 30-something guy in a vest.

That’s why I was surprised to see a headline today congratulating Harrison Ford on his 70th birthday. Wowza. Gomer can barely believe it. He knows 70 is older than some of his grandparents. He can’t imagine being 10, let alone 70. The idea boggles his mind.

Trust me, Gomer, it boggles my mind too! Because if Harrison’s 70, that must make me … oh never you mind. Let’s just say I saw Star Wars in the theater when I was about 5. I remember waiting on a line that wrapped around the building and being greeted by a man in a Darth Vader costume. I was pretty much hooked after that.

Han Solo was not my first crush. Luke actually was until I found out (spoiler alert) he was Leia’s brother. Ewww. How can I pretend to be Leia and have a crush on Luke?? That knowledge made me see Han in a whole new light. That and the fact that I was getting older and I finally noticed that Harrison Ford was a hottie and Han Solo was a smart ass (I love those smart asses).

Time marches on for all of us and that’s why I think that even at 70, Harrison’s looking pretty good! That’s probably because these days I’m closer to 70 than I am to 5 and I can appreciate a well-aged geriatric.

Happy Birthday, Harrison Ford!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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