Happy Dr. Seuss Day! 13 Quotes To Inspire You

dr seuss quotesThis weekend would have been Dr Theodor Seuss Geisil‘s 109th birthday.

While it’s true, many parents no longer read fairy tales to their kids because they are old and dated, the century old stories of Dr Seuss have stood the test of time.

The simple rhythmic and rhyming structure of his prose are almost Shakespearean in nature. They’re easy to read, easy to remember, often silly and, most importantly, inspiring.

Green Eggs and Ham was the first book I ever read on my own. Now I’m sharing those stories with my sons.

Why do we love Dr Seuss? He’s simply inspiring. Put aside your Maya Angelou and think back to your childhood with these 13 Dr Seuss (or Seuss-ish) quotes to inspire you:

  • Be Who You Say 1 of 12
    Be Who You Say
    Things get a little fuzzy about sourcing some of Seuss' quotes. While many say this is from him, others point to an advisor of FDR as the source. Whatever. Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. See what I did there?
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  • Unless Someone Cares 2 of 12
    Unless Someone Cares
    From The Lorax. The thing I love most about children is they believe they can change the world. Stuff like this reminds us we all can.
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  • The More You Read 3 of 12
    The More You Read
    From I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!, it's all about encouragement and goal setting and abilities.
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  • Why Fit In? 4 of 12
    Why Fit In?
    So much better a comeback to a kid who wants to go along with the crowd than "if Jimmy jumped off a bridge, would you?" Don't you think?
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  • Brains In Your Head 5 of 12
    Brains In Your Head
    I told you Oh The Places You'll Go was a good one. This is another quote from the book.
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  • A Person’s A Person 6 of 12
    A Person's A Person
    In addition to teaching us to believe in ourselves, Seuss' stories are filled with respect. Like this nugget from Horton Hears A Who.
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  • Sometimes The Questions 7 of 12
    Sometimes The Questions
    Another encouraging quote to inspire you to keep trying and realize things are not as complex as they may seem.
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  • Youer Than You 8 of 12
    Youer Than You
    On Seuss' birthday why not end with a quote from Happy Birthday to You! Happy 109, Dr Seuss!
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  • I Bet You Know 9 of 12
    I Bet You Know
    Another quote widely attributed to Seuss, but I can't seem to find the direct source.
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  • Think Left, Think Right 10 of 12
    Think Left, Think Right
    Try. Try again. Try harder. From Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!
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  • Don’t Cry 11 of 12
    Don't Cry
    Another Seuss-ish quote that is often credited to the Dr, but is sometimes merely cited as an anonymous proverb.
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  • You Ought To Be Thankful 12 of 12
    You Ought To Be Thankful
    Gratitude - all good things start with appreciation. From Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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