Happy St. Patrick's Day From the Elf on the Shelf?!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!!  Did the naughty Leprechaun visit in the night and leave cornstarch footprints or did you did you decide it was better to get up early so you could hit the local Irish pub at dawn for kegs and eggs (remember those days)?

Guess what?  I did not make a Leprechaun Trap.  Surprising, I know.  I decided to reserve my craftiness since I’ve been warned that I will actually have to make one in a few years as a school project!!  Are you kidding me?!  I can’t wait to hear the educational value of that!

I knew there were some overachieving moms (OAM) St. Paddy’s Day shenanigans out there and I wanted to see what I could find.  I was disappointed to see those girls really slacked off on St. Paddy’s Day!  I could only find the occasional rainbow cake, a couple of lame leprechaun traps and recipes for corned beef and hash.  With these results, I felt like an overachiever with my plans to serve Lucky Charms for breakfast (no green milk though, I don’t think my kids would touch it)!

And then I thought of Danielle from Blossombunkhouse.  My first OAM friend.  I thought surely she much have something special planned!  I was positive she would  have 101 Ideas for Mischievous Leprechauns or something equally ridiculous!  Maybe only 22 Ideas since St. Paddy’s Day is one day and the whole Christmas season is 25 days.  She loves to go above and beyond with her lists.

Maybe she’d suggest a green carpet you can roll out for the Leprechauns, dye the toilet water green and call it Leprechaun pee, dump trash all over the driveway and use green paint to leave footprints, shred all the magazines and newspapers in the house or leave “gold nuggets” (spray painted lima beans, of course) in the kids’ beds (are those gold nuggets or Leprechaun poop?).  I just knew she’d have some great ideas for me to poke fun at.  So I stopped by Blossom’s site and saw what she’d posted.

Are you kidding me?!  That stupid Elf!!  Noooo….if anyone would trot the Elf out again for St. Paddy’s Day it would be her.  (OK, and me.  I actually brought him out just yesterday.  What is wrong with us, Blossom??)

I have to admit, it’s kind of funny though.  See, this is what I like about OAMs like Blossom.  She can laugh at herself.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day…from the Elf!?  Really?  Oh well, at least he didn’t bring a gift.  We can NOT start that up.  NO gifts for St. Patrick’s Day!

Hey, Blossom – you and your OAM friends had better get cracking!  Easter is coming and I’m expecting much bigger things from you guys!

When you visit Blossom’s website please remember that Blossom is an OAM who knows it and owns it.  She’s the kind of OAM we like.  There’s no need to flame her.  Thanks.

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Photo: Blossombunkhouse.com



Article Posted 6 years Ago

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