Hard Day, Mom? 5 Tips to Help You Unwind After a Long Day

 5 Tips to Help You Unwind After a Long DayI am pretty sure that with the kids home for the summer, the days have been not only been getting longer (you know, that time of year), but are also really, really feeling longer too.

By the time I get through work and playing with the kids, dinnertime chaos and finally getting them into bed, I am beat! I am not usually done for the day once they have lights out, but I do like to take a bit of time to be able to unwind; to recharge a bit for the evening to-do list. Giving myself a little me time is not always possible every day, but there are some ways to give that to yourself in every schedule.

Click through for 5 ways to unwind after a hard day:

  • Write it All Down 1 of 5
    Write it All Down
    If you've had a really stressful day or week (and so on) -- write it all down. I mean, that's kind of the whole thing about bloggers, right? Putting it on paper or on the computer screen helps you release it.
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  • Break Open the Wine 2 of 5
    Break Open the Wine
    Nothing wrong with a glass of wine. It always seems to help me relax the stress and nerves a bit and well, it's tasty.
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  • Exercise 3 of 5
    If I have had a super stressful day nothing will work it out better for me than a good workout. Take out the frustrations on your trainer or equipment and you'll sleep better.
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  • Take a Class 4 of 5
    Take a Class
    If you have a demanding job (and yes, motherhood is demanding) taking a class when the kids are in bed or you have child care is a good idea. Doing something for you that you want to do can rejuvenate.
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  • Pamper Yourself 5 of 5
    Pamper Yourself
    Take a bubble bath. Wash and curl your hair. Do your nails. Something small can make your day go from crap to relaxed if you give yourself some love.
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