10 Ways to Help Your Kids Learn the Presidents

Remember when Jay Leno used to do Jaywalking and he would ask ordinary people on the street common sense questions like “What’s the capital of California?” or “What does BLT stand for?” One time he asked people to name the first three American presidents and no one he interviewed could name all three. It was embarrassing. What’s worse is when he asked to Japanese tourists the same question, the were able to name the first 10 without any problem.

Addie still calls Barack Obama ‘BroncoBama’ or ‘Brockin’ Obama’ because I personally like Bronco and Brockin’. She gets the idea, she knows who he is and why he’s important. In fact we went and saw him when he was here in Indy campaigning.

For her seventh birthday I gave her a set of flashcards with the US presidents on them, and while she proclaimed it the “MOST BORING PRESENT EVER” I’ve caught her on several different occasions reading through them, laughing at Andrew Jackson’s hair, wondering why Grover Cleveland is in there twice and if the Roosevelts were brothers. Sneaky sneaky mom daring to make learning fun, how dare I.

With Presidents’ day in America coming up next month I found 10 fun games, books and apps that make learning about the 44 presidents fun, in fact the grownups may get into some of these games more than the kids (guilty!) Do you know which president had a pony named Macaroni or which first daughter had a siamese cat named Misty Malarky Ying Yang?

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