Hey Kids, How ‘Bout We Leave Valentine’s Day to the Lovers

IMG_0839“Mommy, Valentine’s Day is coming up!” BooBoo shouted with delight. “Yes, it sure is. Who’s your special Valentine this year?” I asked. “No one! I don’t have a girlfriend! I just like the candy.”

And just like that, BooBoo reaffirmed my problem with Valentine’s Day and kids.

Listen, I love kids. I have kids, and still, I don’t think kids need in on Valentine’s Day a day for lovers.

While the origins of Valentine’s Day remain cloaked in mystery, this national holiday has evolved into a day of romance, and last time I checked, romance wasn’t a child’s game.

Of course, some might argue that Valentine’s Day isn’t limited to romantic love, but rather love and friendship in general. While I agree there’s no harm in celebrating this national day of love with kids, I can’t help but view the non-necessity of lovey-dovey crafts, character cards, and resulting candy haul as uncharacteristic of love.

Love is a feeling, a touch, a listening ear, a helping hand, a precious moment of time. Both parents and children celebrate this genuine love each and every day in a way that no box of conversation hearts could ever honor.

Personally, I’d much rather recognize and honor love and friendship in more authentic ways with my children. Whether we give an extra long hug to our kids without letting go, send a note of encouragement to someone who needs it, or even pack an extra Fruit Roll-Up in a lunchbox for a friend, it’s our everyday actions that truly celebrate the power of love.

So how ’bout it, kids? Whataya say we leave the overpriced commercialized romantic day to the lovers, and focus instead on love and friendship all year-round?

What are your thoughts on kids and Valentine’s Day?

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