Hi, I Am Beth Anne and I Am New Here

Well, I am sort of new here. I’m new to kid but definitely not new to Babble – I’ve been writing here for almost two years over at Toddler! I thought my small boy turning four would mean the end of my writing at Babble and a chance to sit back and relax, but turns out we have a family member that needs a little extra TLC this winter. That’s just life though, you know? We deal with what is handed, we make the best of it, and I am just so thankful to have the chance to support my family from home. (Right now I’m writing next to my napping son and that is so much better for my family.)

Also, I feel in way over my head with this whole “kid” thing – I just stopped viewing my own as a toddler and now he’s a kid?

Most of you probably know me pretty well by now, either from my personal blog or my Babbling, but I thought I might catch up those who are probably going “what the devil is happening here?! Who the heck is Beth Anne?”

  • Hi, I’m Beth Anne. 1 of 12

    That's me on the left. I'm wearing false eyelashes in this picture, so I'm sorry for the crushing disappointment you may feel if we ever meet in person. I'm normally a top-knot and jeans kind of girl and I wish bedroom slippers were socially appropriate for everyday wear.

  • This is my husband. 2 of 12

    I KNOW, RIGHT?! I hit the jackpot on that one. We've been married for over 7 years and he still makes my heart race. He likes to golf and is teaching Harry, so that's pretty much the cutest thing in the entire universe.

  • This is my boy. 3 of 12

    His name is Harry and he's four. I think he is pretty spectacular. Right now we're gearing up for the transition to PreK and I'm so excited for the holidays with this little boo. 

  • This is our pup. 4 of 12

    Her name is Tucker. I complain about her almost as much as love her, but that's because she's almost eight and still acting like she's a puppy. You'll get to read a lot about her relationship with Harry as it evolves now that he's older. And yes, her ears are as soft as they look!

  • I’ve been blogging since 2001. 5 of 12

    Unfortunately, everything I wrote prior to 2008 has been deleted. Which is sad, but then again it wasn't my greatest stuff. I started writing on my personal blog in August 2008 and had no idea how it would explode. Since then, I've made every mistake known to mankind in the blog world, but I'm attempting to learn from it and use it to grow into a better person, mom, and employee. More than anything, I just really love to write and feel connections to others experiencing the same thing.

  • I work outside of the home. 6 of 12

    Blogging is not my job and sometimes that makes me feel a little like a unicorn in blogland. Not a cool, magical unicorn, but just something rare. I spent the first two years fighting being a "working mom," but now it's a title that I enjoy and embrace. I'm a digital marketer and I currently work for a social media agency. People ask if that means I play on Facebook all day and yeah, that's part of it, but there's also a TON more.

  • I’m a Southern girl. 7 of 12

    I wear pearls, grew up in the Baptist church, joined a sorority, and I married young. But I also majored in business, took economics every semester, and am the breadwinner in our family. I can't imagine our little family leaving North Carolina, as that is where my husband and I both grew up. I believe our pasts shape us, define us, but that everyone can change for the better.

  • I suffered from Postpartum Depression. 8 of 12

    I have been fully recovered for over two years, but I still strongly believe that having conversations about postpartum depression and psychosis are so important for women. You will probably see me mention it here, as my experience through PPD shaped me as a mother, but also because it is a reality for any future pregnancies of mine and for many other women out there.

  • I don’t know when we’ll have another baby. 9 of 12

    I love babies a whole bunch and yes, we want another one. I had a pretty crazy two years career-wise and it threw a wrench into our baby-making plans. So now we have a four year old and are going, "Why not just wait another year?" I don't know what the future holds for us, but we're hoping at least another ankle-biter in the future.

  • I read a lot. 10 of 12

    I think it is vital for mothers to practice self-care and for me, that looks a lot like a good book. The local librarians know me well and I'm determined to make a reader out of my little boy. And yes, Gone With the Wind is my all-time favorite book. 

  • I’m not a runner. 11 of 12

    But gosh, do I love to run. Do you have anything in your life that you love so much but you are so, so bad at no matter how hard you try? That's me and running. I love it. I want to be good at it. But oh man, do I suck so hard at it. It's my physical release from the stress of life and although I love mashed potatoes way too much for the calorie-burn to ever show on my waistline, I aim to hit the treadmill 3-4 times per week.

  • I have spectacular friends. 12 of 12

    I make them a priority with regular Girls Nights Out, annual beach trips, and constant iMessages. Most of my friends are fellow mommas, but my non-mom friends keep me grounded and remind me that there's more to me outside of creating the perfect bubble bath and counting bites of green beans.


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