10 Must Have Gifts for Your Hipster Kid

Hipsters. They’re everywhere these days — at the thrift shop looking for something vintage, strolling the streets of downtown smoking European cigarettes, enjoying a Pabst Blue Ribbon at your local dive bar, in line at the movie theater for the latest independent film.

They may also be one place you haven’t looked. If your kid’s Christmas list is filled with obscure things you’ve never heard of, if they’ve ever scoffed at you for buying a Coldplay CD, if  they repeatedly insist that they ‘aren’t into labels,’ your kid could be a hipster.

If you suspect that your kid is a hipster or if you’re a hipster parent who hopes your child will follow in your footsteps (but, you know, in a totally non-conformist, independent way), these 10 gifts for hipster kids are a must.

  • Bearded neck warmer 1 of 9
    Bearded neck warmer
    Help your kid stay warm while staying cool with this neck warmer with bonus facial hair.
    Find it at Gap Kids.
  • Sneakers that glitter 2 of 9
    Sneakers that glitter
    High top sneakers are a must.
    Find it at Yoox.
  • A plaid button up shirt 3 of 9
    A plaid button up shirt
    Throw this over a t-shirt for an obscure band.
    Find it at American Apparel.
  • Pink Boots 4 of 9
    Pink Boots
    These pink boots will pair great with skinny jeans.
    Find it at H&M
  • Flat cap 5 of 9
    Flat cap
    It's a hipster kid staple.
    Find it at American Apparel.
  • Neck tie t-shirt 6 of 9
    Neck tie t-shirt
    For those days when the bow tie is dirty.
    Find it at Fat Tie.
  • Colored skinny jeans 7 of 9
    Colored skinny jeans
    Your hipster kid loves straight jeans, but if they are colored they will love them more.
    Find it at H&M.
  • Capitol Hill moustache t-shirt 8 of 9
    Capitol Hill moustache t-shirt
    Capitol Hill in Seattle is said to be the home of the hipster. That combined with the moustache makes this the ultimate hipster tee.
    Find it on Etsy.
  • Bearded Beanie 9 of 9
    Bearded Beanie
    For the kid that longs for that scruffy hipster look -- a bearded beanie.
    Find it on Etsy.


Have a hipster baby? Check out these gifts.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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