How A Work-From-Home Mom Saved Toy Story 2

How Galyn Susman Saved Toy Story 2
How Galyn Susman Saved Toy Story 2

Think about all the pictures you’ve ever taken of your kids.

From those scream filled videos in the birth room, to the first roll over, first food, big bum blowouts, days at the park, birthdays …

Now erase them. It could happen, it happened in Hollywood.

I hope you have backups of your family photos. Yes, backups, not one singular backup, but multiple backups.

You can’t just keep your pictures on your camera, phone, or memory card. You need to put them on a computer, on an external drive, on a CD ROM, and then in the cloud.

Use Carbonite, Dropbox, iCloud, whatever. Just get multiple copies of your important digital files made and put them in multiple places.

You never know when you’ll need them, just ask the team behind Toy Story 2; a movie that was almost wiped out until a working mom saved the day with her backup copy, from home.

If you just watch the movies, but never the extras that are attached to DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs, you’re missing out on some serious geekery, like this little vignette tacked on to the Toy Story 1 & 2 Blu Ray Discs:


Someone had run a program, RM*, that started to delete the files on the machines where the movie was kept.

“Have you ever dropped accidentally dropped something out of your pocket while the toilet is flushingt?” asks Galyn Susman, Technical Director of Toy Story 2, in the video. “That’s RM Star.”

“Woody’s hat disappeared,” added Oren Jacob. “Then his boots disappeared. And then as we kept checking, he disappeared. Woody’s gone.”

So they called to have the computer that was the source of the problem unplugged to shut down the file deletion. They loaded a backup, and started it up. But their backups had been failing for the past 2 months.

At this point, more than 2 months of work had evaporated.

That’s when Galyn mentioned she had a copy of the film – at her house.

“As a mother, who wanted to see her children,” she recalls, “I needed to have a computer at home. And so I would copy the entire film to my computer.”

They gingerly brought that backup to the studio, and the film was pieced back together.

“Thanks to Eli, and my need to work from home, we had a backup of Toy Story 2.”

The moral of the story?

Get a backup. Get another backup and put it in another place from your first backup. Watch the geeky little movie extras.

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