How Much Time Are Your Children Spending Watching Netflix?

Recently, I read an article that described Netflix as an “$8 a month babysitting service.” I don’t really buy into all the hype that television is rotting our children’s brains, but I had to pause at the description. While I wouldn’t call it my babysitter, we are definitely getting our money’s worth out of our subscription.

For those who have been living under a rock, Netflix is a monthly service that allows users to stream everything from movies to shows directly to their television. It has a great selection of content for all ages, but the material for children is amazing. Pretty much everything Anders and Danica love to watch is not only available, but Netflix offers every episode from every season. Ever.

Gone are the sad faces and occasional tantrums when my children ask to watch something that is not airing on Nick Jr. at that moment. Netflix to the rescue! With the click of a button, Nick Jr.’s entire catalog is there for our viewing pleasure. Even better? No more watching the same two episodes you’ve managed to record over and over and over again until your brain melts into a puddle of Blue’s Clues goo.

Recently, Bernstein Research conducted a focus group with some moms in San Francisco that showed that, while most women originally purchased the service for themselves, they are using it primarily to entertain their children. Moms also stated that they liked that their kids were able to watch commercial free television, minimizing their exposure to advertising, a benefit I hadn’t even considered.

So, are you using the service and, if so, how often or are your kids still watching live television, DVDs, and that same tired episode of Yo Gabba Gabba you recorded six months ago?

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